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An average cloud weighs 216 thousand pounds. An average storm cloud weighs 105.8 million pounds.

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If a cumulonimbus cloud develops into a supercell, it can last several hours or longer. This type of storm often results in lightning, hail, strong and damaging wind, and tornadoes.

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  1. The most destructive part of the hurricane is the eye wall, which is made up of the storm clouds rotating around the eye itself.

  2. Weather satellites can record a variety of weather and other phenomena including clouds, cloud systems, fire, pollution effects, dust storms, sand storms, snow, ice caps, ocean currents, volcanic ash in the air, smoke and much more.

  3. The cumulonimbus cloud can have a flattened top - which is caused by high winds. This leaves the cloud looking like and anvil. The storm is usually heading in the direction that than anvil points to.

  4. There are pilots who fly around storm clouds shooting chemicals to prevent the formation of hail

  5. Red Sprites, which are red-colored bursts of electricity that very briefly occur over storm clouds as lightning strikes.

  6. Positive lightning makes up ~5% of all lightning strikes, originates from the positively charged top of storm clouds, can strike up to 15 miles away, carries 10x the current of a negative lightning bolt, and is generally what triggers Red Sprites.

  7. The visible light images of weather satellites are easily interpreted. Even people with no training can identify clouds, fronts, tropical storms, dust, smog, forests and mountains.

  8. Rain is dirty. Apparently winds carry dust particles into the atmosphere where they get covered with water vapor and fall to the ground as raindrops when storm clouds form.

  9. At any given moment, there are 1,800 thunderstorms happening somewhere on Earth. This amounts to 16 million storms each year. We know the cloud conditions that produce lightning, but we cannot forecast the location or time of a lightning strike.

  10. Storm clouds have their own microscopic ecosystem and these bacteria could help start rainfall

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Massive, heavy clouds and storms can stay 'up' in the air because they heat themselves from the inside, staying aloft, thanks to condensation.

Storm Clouds Turn Green Before a Tornado formation - source

Under rare conditions lightning can strike in snow storms - this is called THUNDERSNOW! Not only is this a cool phenomena with an awesome name but it affects the clouds in such a way as radar can detect incoming strikes! - source

Saturn has a giant bizzare hexagon cloud pattern at its north pole which has a 20,000 mile churning storm at its center, has not been seen on any other world, confirmed by NASA Cassini aircraft.

Some construction workers refer to storm clouds as "beer clouds" - source

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