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The inventor of the Erector Set also released an "Atomic Energy Laboratory" that included real uranium ore. One suggested activity was to play "hide and seek with the gamma ray source" by using the included Geiger counter to find a radioactive sample hidden in a room.

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Digital cameras are often shipped by sea rather than by air because the increase in gamma rays at high altitudes can fry some of the pixels on the sensors. This issue was experienced while filming Superman Returns.

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  1. The Milky Way has two expanding bubbles attached to its core that are entirely powered by gamma rays. These objects, literally “burped out” by the galaxy and known as "Fermi bubbles," are some of the weirdest objects in the universe

  2. Golf Balls Irradiated with Gamma Rays performed better than their non irradiated counterparts due to forced molecular cross linking. Spalding even has a patent on the technology!

  3. There is another kind of lightning inside thunderstorms, called as "dark lightning" It expels antimatter and radioactive gamma rays.

  4. In 2008 there was a gamma ray burst, a violent cosmic explosion, 7.5 billion lightyears away, which is halfway across the visible universe, which could have been seen with a naked eye from the surface of the Earth. Anyone who saw it was looking billions of years into the past with their eyes.

  5. In 2004, a Magnetar (a type of a Neutron Star with a powerful magnetic field) had a large gamma ray burst which briefly expanded the ionosphere. It is thought to be the largest explosion observed in the galaxy by humans since the supernova observed by Johannes Kepler in 1604.

  6. The red grapefruits we eat today are the result of irradiated pink grapefruits from "gamma gardens", where scientists in the 1950s fired gamma rays at plants in order to speed their evolution of useful mutations.

  7. Through the theoretical tantalum salting, the intensity of the gamma rays to over one million electron-volts each.

  8. GRB 080319B, a gamma ray burst that occurred 7.5 BILLION years ago (Long before our solar system was born). In March of 2008 this burst landed a direct hit on Earth.

  9. Observational astronomy is further divided into radio astronomy (study of radiation with wavelengths of 1 millimeter or more), infrared astronomy (detection and analysis of infrared radiation), optical astronomy (images drawn by hand), ultraviolet astronomy (observation of ultraviolet wavelengths from the upper atmosphere or from space), X-ray astronomy (use of X-ray wavelength to study objects in space), and gamma-ray astronomy (study of space objects at shortest wavelengths).

  10. The Moon is brighter than the Sun in gamma rays, as seen from Earth.

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In this experiment, Mossbauer discovered iridium's gamma ray absorptions properties and led to the technique of Mossbauer spectroscopy.

In 1912 he received his M.S. in Science and wrote a paper on the absorption of gamma rays by various gases and liquids.

Thunderstorms can emit gamma rays, and create antimatter, and this happens around 500 times a day. - source

This is because technetium produces beta particles without gamma rays.

There is a star system called WR 104 that is expected to go supernova in a few thousand years. If its gamma ray burst hits the earth the result may be a mass extinction event.

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There are two massive bubbles on either side of the galactic plane of our Milky Way galaxy at the center which can only be observed in x-rays and gamma Ray's. They were first discovered in 2010 by NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope.

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In 1933 he wrote a paper on gamma rays" scattering by a Coulomb field's polarization in a vacuum which became known as Delbruck scattering.

The Milky Way has two expanding bubbles made solely of gamma rays (the highest energy photons) bursting from its core at 2.2 million mph (3.5 million km/h), forming a squat hour-glass shape. They're called "Fermi Bubbles."

Gamma-ray and X-ray telescopes use a kind of complex pinhole camera array, instead of lenses, to image the sky.

Large thunderstorms can produce gamma rays and antimatter

The Earth has underwent 5 mass extinction events, one of which wiped out 90% to 96% of all species. Another may have been caused by a gamma ray burst.

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Gamma Ray Bursts could possibly be the cause behind the Ordovician–Silurian extinction event, an event that left all life on Earth restricted to the oceans.

One of the prevailing theories for the cause of the Ordovician–Silurian mass extinction is a gamma ray burst which struck the planet and killed almost all life on Earth.

Barite is the primary ore of barium and used for x-ray shielding, which blocks x-ray and gamma ray emissions. It is used in the concrete in hospitals, power plants, and labs.

Gamma ray bursts release more energy in the first couple of seconds, that our Sun will release in its 10bn year lifetime.

PET scans use an antimatter-releasing tracer molecule and detect where the molecule goes by measuring the gamma rays that are emitted when the antimatter annihilates electrons.

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If a gamma ray wiped out life on Earth, there would be no decomposition as the bacteria would die too

While attending Cubberley High School in Palo Alto, Kaku assembled a particle accelerator in his parents' garage for a science fair project. His admitted goal was to generate "a beam of gamma rays powerful enough to create antimatter."

The moon is actually 'brighter' than the sun when it comes to (some types) of gamma rays

If Eta Carinae produces a gamma ray burst at the exact moment it is aligned with Earth, it would be the equivalent of 1kT of TNT every square kilometre across the entire facing hemisphere.

A gamma ray burst from a neutron star has an equivalent energy to 100 trillion nukes going off every second for 100 billion years!

Even though today's sunlight takes approx. only 8 minutes to travel from the Sun to the Earth, it was, on average, created 500 years before the Pyramid of Giza was built. Due to a phenomenon called "drunkard's walk" it can take about 5,000 for a gamma ray to reach the Sun's surface.

The early 1990s, the Department of Energy has been destroying highly toxic waste with spent nuclear fuel, converting it into virtually harmless byproducts by irradiating it with gamma rays.

The Crab Nebula recently blasted Earth with the highest-energy photons ever recorded. The gamma rays, which clocked in at well over 100 TeV (10 times what the most powerful human-made particle accelerator can produce) likely originate from a pulsar lurking in the heart of the nebula.

A Gamma Ray Burst touch the earth in the year 774. If this was happening today, it would produce catastrophic damage due to the use of modern technology.

About Atomic Gardens, where chronic exposure to gamma rays on plants created mutations that led to novel strains with beneficial properties.

Gold is an extremely rare element in the universe, and may have been created when our planet was hit by a gamma ray burst.

A gamma ray burst may have hit the earth in the 8th century.

The Einstein@Home BOINC project volunteers have discovered 18 gamma-ray pulsar stars

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