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The loudest known noise was created by a volcano which created sound waves that altered air pressure on earth for 5 days and ruptured the ear drums of sailors 40 miles away from the blast.

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Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is so loud, it’s acoustic sound waves heat up the surrounding atmosphere to almost 2400 degrees Fahrenheit

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  1. Researchers played nonstop loops of Led Zeppelin, A Tribe Called Quest and Mozart to cheese wheels to find out how sound waves impacted flavor. Cheese wheels that were exposed to hip hop music had the strongest flavor.

  2. The loudest undistorted sound possible on earth is 194 decibels. Above that threshold the sound waves become shockwaves.

  3. Planets "emit sounds" by pulsing with radio waves, which can be picked up by radio antennae. The Earth's noise is sometimes referred to as Earth's "chorus" because it sounds a bit like birds chirping.

  4. Because radio waves travel faster than sound sound waves, if you stand at the base of Big Ben you can hear the chime on the radio before you hear it in real life.

  5. Black Holes "Sing", producing a B-flat sound wave 57 octaves below middle-C from their jets.

  6. When bubbles are collapsed by sound waves it creates light and no one knows why. It's called "Sonoluminescence"

  7. The earliest form of RAM stored data as sound waves. Bits would be 'thumped' into a tube filled with mercury, then read by sensor on the other end. The computer was free to do other things during the relative eternity it took the bits moving at the speed of sound rather than the speed of light.

  8. The magnitude 9.0 great earthquake that struck Japan on 11 March 2011 "was so powerful that its rumble was 'heard' from space. Scientists in France and the Netherlands have found that sound waves from the quake reached as far as an orbiting satellite [GOCE], 260 kilometres [161.6 miles] above."

  9. Sound cancelling headphones work by making a sound exactly 180 degrees out of phase with any unwanted noise. The sound-wave that it sends out interferes with that of the original sound. The two sound-waves cancel each other out and create silence.

  10. A dumb hole is like a black hole, but sound waves rather than light waves are absorbed and cannot escape. A lab created one in 2009

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sound waves fact data chart about Experiment to determine the Young's modulus.Cylindrical rod
Experiment to determine the Young's modulus.Cylindrical rod was clamped exactly in the middle. One end of the rod was struck with a rubber mallet, opposite to the other end a micro

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In 1997 the Swedish biologist Susanne Wiigh-Masak developed a method to dispose of bodies called promession where the body is frozen in liquid nitrogen. Broken down into a powder using sounds waves. Freeze dried down to 30% of the original mass and then buried in a cornstarch casket.

Two engineering students developed a way to extinguish fires using sound waves. - source

In 1998 an engineer, with the help of his trusty fencing foil, linked persistent "hauntings" in his lab to a sub-audible standing sound wave created by a ventilation fan in the next room. - source

A Shepard Tone is a sound that is created by layering sine waves at different octaves on top of each other. When played with the bass pitch rising or falling, it creates the auditory illusion of a continuously rising or falling sound that in the end never seems to rise or fall at all.

The Nintendo Power Glove determined position via ultrasonic sound waves - source

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The Saturn V rocket was so loud, the sound waves could set grass on fire a mile away

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Steve Blum, voice actor most know for Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop, has the sound wave of his character's final word "Bang" tattooed on his arm.

When a layer of cold air close to the ground is covered by a layer of warmer air, sound waves traveling upward may be bent, or refracted, by the difference in temperature and redirected toward the ground; this means sounds are louder in the winter, than in the summer

Superman can be hurt, and even killed by a green space rock called Kryptonite. It makes him very weak and vulnerable. He is also susceptible to red sun radiation, nuke bombs, and supersonic sound waves.

During his 28 year tenure there he conducted studies on kinesthetic sensation and optical and photographic techniques for the measurement of sound waves.

Alexander Graham Bell at one point built a working device for recording sound out of a human ear. Shouting into the ear produced sound waves recorded on paper. He credited this invention with inspiring the telephone.

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The sound wave from the Mt St Helens explosion was so big that it skipped Portland and touched down in Eugene Oregon

Infrasound can cause phenomena that people typically associate with ghosts. The sound waves may vibrate the human eye, causing people to see things that are not there. Usually, these waves have frequencies of less than 20 Hz, so they are too low-pitched for people to actually perceive.

Panamanian golden frogs wave with their hands to communicate. This unusual communication method is characteristic for the animals that live in loud environments (near the fast streams, for example) where communication via sounds is not possible.

Tiny hair cells in your inner ear are what translates sound waves to electricity to send to the brain. You"re born with about 3500 of these cells, and they can be damaged by really loud noises. Make sure to wear ear plugs if you"ll be around loud noises!

The difference between an echo and reverberation is b/c the perception of a sound endures in memory for only 0.1 seconds. If the sound wave takes >0.1s to return to you, you hear an echo, whereas with reverb, a sound wave returns in <0.1s and two sound waves combine as one long sound wave.

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Acoustics is the study of sound waves.

An ultrasonic anemometer measures the speed of wind by measuring wind velocity based on ultrasonic sound waves.

The military is attempting to use fish as "underwater spies" by watching their behavior in reaction to underwater sound waves and optical, electromagnetic, and chemical shifts in the environment around them.

One of the rock formations in Acadia National Park is referred to as Thunder Hole because waves sound like thunder when they hit it. Water and air are also forced upward through the rock formation's cavern from the waves.

Human echolocation is the ability to detect objects by sensing their echoes, by actively creating sounds. People trained to orient by echolocation can interpret the sound waves reflected by nearby objects, accurately identifying their location and size.

When Alexander Graham Bell was experimenting with sound, he built his own phonautograph using a real human ear from a corpse, attached to a straw which recorded the sound wave on a piece of glass. This was meant to be a teaching device for deaf people.

If you burst an underwater bubble with a sound wave, it produces light.

He experimented with the effects of air on sound waves.

During snake charming performances, the snakes actually move to the waving of an instrument called a pungi, rather than the sound the instrument makes.

If the vibrational waves of a medium changes, the sound it produces will also change.

It is possible to use sound waves to make objects levitate.

There's a device that uses sound waves to put out fire

Sound waves can be propagated in space, if there are enough particles to carry the pressure wave. As space is usually not very dense, the resulting sounds typically have very low frequencies, below human hearing.

If an underwater bubble is collapsed by a sound wave it will produce a blue/purple light from seemingly nothing.

Sounds seem louder at night due to the fact that it’s colder at night. Sound waves travel towards areas with colder temperatures.

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