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When humidity is 100% it means the air cannot hold any more water vapor. The result is sweat cannot evaporate into the air causing the temperature to feel hotter.

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Most of the smoke billowing up from a space shuttle launch is not exhaust. It is water vapor from the pool of water under the shuttle designed to absorb the acoustic shock waves that could otherwise tear the shuttle apart.

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  1. Most of the smoke billowing up from a space shuttle launch is not exhaust. It is water vapor from the pool of water under the shuttle designed to absorb the acoustic shock waves that could otherwise tear the shuttle apart.

  2. The new Toyota Mirai is one of the first fuel cell vehicles being sold commercially and uses hydrogen to run, while emitting water vapor.

  3. The giant white clouds that billow around the space shuttle at each launch are not smoke. They are water vapor from the pool of water under the shuttle designed to absorb the acoustic shock waves that could otherwise tear the shuttle apart.

  4. Gold nanoparticles are showing promise for cancer treatment. Clusters of gold nanoparticles sit on the surface of a cancer cell. When hit with a burst of infrared light, the clusters vaporize nearby water, creating bubbles of vapor that burst and tear apart the cell.

  5. A process called cavitation in which the propeller of a boat creates small, cylindrical 'holes' in the water where the pressure is so low that the water can boil at room temperature, creating bubbles of low pressure and temperature vapor bubbles.

  6. To create a gas from a liquid, heating is one method. For instance heating water turns it into a vapor, which is a type of gas. It becomes vapor before reaching the boiling point.

  7. The white vapor that comes off of hot water is not actually steam. Steam is invisible.

  8. Greenhouse gas is causing the greenhouse effect. They absorb and emit radiation and include water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and others.

  9. When humidity is measured as the amount of water vapor in a specific unit volume of air it is referred to as absolute humidity. When it is measured as moisture in the atmosphere to moisture the atmosphere can hold it is referred to as relative humidity.

  10. Sometimes atmospheric oxygen is created when the sun reacts with water vapor.

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Astronomers have discovered direct evidence of water on the Ceres in the form of vapor plumes erupting into space, possible from volcano-like ice geysers on its surface. With that evidence, it is believed Ceres may harbor a subsurface ocean which might be capable of supporting life as we know it, however discussions about life on Ceres are not as active as those for Europa and Mars.

In 2014, it was confirmed by the Herschel space telescope that Ceres may has an atmosphere with water vapor.

The wind, water vapor, air pressure and temperature changes are all studied to help make weather predictions.

He discovered that water is at its densest at 39 degrees and theorized that the quantity of water vapor in a given space is independent of the density of the air around it.

There are five main greenhouse gases in the atmosphere: carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, ozone, and nitrous oxide.

When water vapor condenses to a liquid?

There have been a variety of bathing customs at Hot Springs National Park including standing over them to inhale the vapors, lounging in the water, taking steam baths, using vapor cabinets, and even drinking the water.

How water vapor is formed?

Water puts out fire by creating a barrier between the fuel source and the oxygen source (it also has a cooling effect which has to do with the energy required to convert liquid water into water vapor). It does this because it is a completely, 100% oxidized material.

At the triple point of water (Temperature of 0.01 °C, Pressure of 611.657 pascals), liquid water, solid ice, and water vapor coexist in a stable equilibrium.

The clouds around a rocket launch are actually a sound suppression system - NASA pumps in massive amounts of water and the acoustic energy is used up by vaporizing it!

A woman, Eunice Foote, showed that water vapor and carbon dioxide increased the heating effects of the Sun, preceeding Tyndall's work on the greenhouse effect by three years

There is a water vapor cloud in space which has 100 trillion times the amount of water present on Earth.

When water vapor condenses to form clouds?

NASA's John Sonntag took a photo in Canada of a "series of lenticular clouds." They're "formed when strong winds blow across complex terrain, causing the water vapor in the air mass to alternately compress, then decompress, and thus condense into shapes which roughly mirror the terrain beneath."

Steaming food involves boiling water which vaporizes into steam and cooks the food. This form of cooking helps food maintain its nutrients better than other methods such as boiling.

Hennig Brand-- a German Alchemist-- discovered the element Phosphorus by boiling gallons of urine into a paste, heating this paste to a high temperature, and leading the vapors through water, where he hoped they would condense to gold.

The Hubble Space Telescope detected water vapor plumes on Europa and are thought to be caused by erupting cryogeysers. This is similar to those observed on Saturn's moon Enceladus.

Rain is dirty. Apparently winds carry dust particles into the atmosphere where they get covered with water vapor and fall to the ground as raindrops when storm clouds form.

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About the Pistol Shrimp. Its claws can open and close so fast that it produces a water bubble(cavitation bubble)that vaporizes on implosion, reaching temperatures hotter than the sun.The implosion of the bubble is followed by a large sound.The shrimp uses this to stun or sometimes kill the prey.

The Hindenburg Tragedy that caused a hydrogen filled air ship to explode in flames also resulted in hundreds of metric tons of water vapor that subsequently rained back down on the area of the explosion.

Every night you lose about a pound though exhaling water vapor and Carbon dioxide. Larger people can lose 4-5 lbs per night.

Snow is formed in clouds when water vapor changes to ice without becoming a liquid.

Until the late 19th century, epidemics such as cholera, chlamydia and the Black Death were believed to be caused by 'night air', consisting of vapors emanating from rotten vegetation and foul water

Baking is effected by altitude, yeast creates bubbles of air, carbon dioxide, or water vapor in baked goods called leavening gases. These gases expand quicker when baking at high altitudes, making baked goods rise and fall faster while in the oven, thus creating a dense or thin product

After observing collapsed bottles of unopened water, that PET (plastic used to package beverages) is an excellent barrier to oxygen but is porous to water vapor. Thus the bottles collapsed because as the water evaporated through the plastic no air was allowed back in to normalize the pressure.

Humidity is the moisture, or water vapor in the atmosphere. It is caused by evaporation and condensation.

Humid air is less dense than dry air because water vapor molecules are lighter than oxygen and nitrogen molecules

There is enough water vapor in the atmosphere to fill Lake Erie almost 300 times.

Sodium-vapor lamps emit light at two close wavelengths 589nm/589.6nm absorbing all other colours making things look like they’re in a black and white movie illuminated by an orange light including fire which looks black when it reacts with salt water and will even cause it to cast a shadow.

Saturn's moon Enceladus has cryovolcanoes that shoot geyser-like jets of water vapor and other materials, including salt, at a rate of 440 lbs per second

The term ‘vog’ refers to the hazy air pollution caused by volcanic emissions, which are primarily water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), and sulfur dioxide (SO2) gas.

Enceladus has a subsurface water ocean. Scientists have observed plumes containing water vapor spewing from its south polar surface, with jets moving 250 kg of water vapor every second at up to 2,189 km/h (1,360 mph) into space

Water Vapor is the most abundant greenhouse gas, and even amplifies the warming effects of other greenhouse gases.

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