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The International Potato Center has successfully grown potatoes in a simulated Mars environment. They grew the plants in a CubeSat which mimicked the Martian air pressure and atmosphere, and used saline desert soils analogous to Martian soils as the growing medium.

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In Germany there's a festival without bands. There even is stage, but no one is performing. The idea is to enjoy the atmosphere of a festival without the pressure of having to see all the bands you payed for.

What is the partial pressure of nitrogen in air at atmospheric pressure?

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  1. A sound produced on Earth sounds very different if produced on Mars. The composition and pressure of the Martian atmosphere distort sounds to a lower pitch, and has samples for you to hear.

  2. Titan's atmosphere is denser than Earth's, with 1.45 times the surface pressure. The atmosphere is so thick and the gravity so low that you could play planes very very easily, and even humans can fly there by attaching 'wings' to their arms and flapping.

  3. After Minnie Cox, the first black female postmaster was pressured out of her post, President Theodore Roosevelt continued to pay her salary and punished the town by rerouting their mail 30 miles away, in the end the atmosphere became so hostile that Mrs. Cox left for her own safety.

  4. Tardigrades are tiny creatures that are capable of removing the majority of their body water, allowing them to survive in extreme conditions; atmospheric pressures of up to 600 times that of the surface of the earth, 300 degrees below zero and even the vacuum and radiation in space.

  5. The fingernails of astronauts usually fall off because the space suit's gloves can't replicate Earth's atmospheric pressure

  6. The Byford Dolphin diving bell accident, where a human error caused a decompression chamber to go from 9 atmospheres of pressure to 1 in less than a second. Out of the 5 dead, one was ripped apart so violently pieces of him were found over 30 feet away.

  7. Ice is predicted to change into a metal at pressures above 4.8 TPa (or ~48 million times the Earth's atmospheric surface pressure). At even more extreme pressures, it could melt into a quantum liquid.

  8. The reason water feels as it feels when it touches the skin is actually a complex electro-chemical reaction. The sensory inputs are a combination of the pH of your body and the water, the temperature of your body and the water, atmospheric pressure, and molecular polarity.

  9. The atmospheric pressure on Mars is beneath the Armstrong limit, at which point water in human lungs would boil

  10. Water can only be sucked up a pipe for 33' vertically before balancing with atmospheric pressure. The same principle is how barometers work, using mercury, which is much heavier and balances at about 3'.

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Why atmospheric pressure decreases with increasing altitude?

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The pressure at Mariana Trench is 1000 times that of the sea level's atmospheric pressure.

Blobfish does not have a swim bladder like other fish because it would collapse in the atmosphere of huge pressure and result in bursting of the body.

He also researched and wrote on the constitution of steam at different temperatures, specifically its atmospheric pressure.

The weather on earth is created by pressure systems in the atmosphere. These pressure systems move air, which creates wind. Changes in the air temperature and pressure sets the air in motion.

Because of the low elevation of the Dead Sea the amount of solar radiation is reduced in the region, and when combined with the lower atmospheric pressure, the area has benefits to human health.

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Barometric pressure can be reported in several different measurement units including inHg (inches of mercury - used mostly in the U.S.), mb (millibars - commonly used by meteorologists), Pa (pascals - worldwide SI unit of pressure), and Atm (atmospheres- pressure of air at sea level when temperature is 59 degrees Fahrenheit).

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It was there that he used a barometer to see if atmospheric pressure was a good indicator for weather forecasting.

In 2014, a German scientist found a way to create diamonds using peanut butter, they used pressures up to 280,000 times normal atmospheric pressure and extreme heat.

That, to avoid decompression sickness, astronauts "camp out", a procedure which involves sleeping in the airlock at a pressure of 0.7 bar the night before a spacewalk. This purges nitrogen out of the bloodstream, suiting the astronauts for the pure-oxygen atmosphere (0.34 bar) of the spacesuit.

At 50-65km above the surface of Venus, the atmospheric pressure and temperature are nearly identical to that of Earth, making it the most Earth-like area in our Solar System.

Although windstorms on Mars will often reach 60mph, because of the low atmospheric pressure, they actually feel like no more than a gentle breeze.

When atmospheric pressure is zero?

At any given moment, there must be at least one pair of points on Earth's surface that are diametrically opposite one another, but nonetheless, have the same temperature and atmospheric pressure [Borsuk - Ulam theorem]

Surface planet Venus’ surface doesn't have 'air'. Surface temperatures of 467°C and surface pressures 93X of Earth force the CO2 atmosphere into supercriticality, when a fluid is both liquid and gas. This effective heat conductor keeps Venus' hellish temperature unchanging between night and day.

A mercury barometer is usually a three foot high glass tube closed at one end with a reservoir of mercury open at the other. Atmospheric pressure changes the level of the mercury in the column.

The atmospheric pressure on Venus is so great that small asteroids are crushed when they enter its atmosphere.

Because of the lack of atmospheric pressure, water can"t exist in a liquid form. It can exist in a gaseous state.

How atmospheric pressure works?

If you crack an egg 18 metres (60 feet) underwater, the surrounding water exerts enough inward pressure (2.8 times atmospheric pressure) to hold the egg together, like an invisible egg shell.

Helium compounds actually exist. They were only discovered in the last 50 years, and are only stable at pressures hundreds of thousands of times greater than atmospheric pressure. For example, Na2He, a compound of helium and sodium, is stable at 113 gigapascals (1.115*10^6 atm).

High atmospheric pressure affects the bubbles in your coffee. If the bubbles are close to the center expect rain or storm.

The moon's gravitational pull affects the amount of rain fall on Earth. Researchers found that when directly overhead, the moon decreases rainfall and increases atmospheric pressure.

Carbon has no melting point (at normal atmospheric pressure), and remains solid at higher temperatures than any other element.

Weather stations usually have a barometer for measuring the pressure in the atmosphere.

The term, "Shell Shocked" in WW1 came, "from the idea exploding shells changed atmospheric pressure near soldiers, harming their nervous systems."

At normal pressure and temperature, molecules of oxygen bind to form dioxide, or O2, which is present in the atmosphere.

There are over 16 different scientific varieties of ice, with one variety, "Ice X", only forming at around 70 GPa of pressure (the equivalent of 690846 atmospheres), and another variety, "Ice XVI", having a density that is approximately 4/5 of the density of water.

Most of the molecules that exist in the exosphere end up being pulled back into earth's lower atmospheric levels by gravity. Some do make it into outer space however because of the low level of gravity and pressure in the exosphere.

There exists an organism that can survive 10 years without water, 1,200 times atmospheric pressure, temperatures between 151 °C to −272 °C and many more

There are many different types of trains today including passenger trains, double decker passenger trains, inter-city trains, commuter trains, trams, monorails, railbuses, mine trains, heritage trains, subways, and atmospheric railways (which run on air pressure).

Temperatures are cooler at higher elevation because air molecules cool when they move from high to low pressure environments. Just as air feels cool when it is let out of an inflated tire, the air molecules cool once they reach the low pressure environments of the upper atmosphere.

Boiling process of water can be achieved without heating also. When the vapour pressure of water is more than the atmospheric pressure, the water boils.

The (small) calorie is a unit of energy derived from heating one gram of liquid water by one degree celsius in pressure of one atmosphere.

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