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Around 60% of publicly traded companies in the US are incorporated in Delaware, where they enjoy tax-haven like benefits without having to go offshore. There's also one building that serves as the legal address of more than 200,000 companies, amongst which include KFC and Coca Cola.

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The mega-wealthy as of 2012 numbers, had hid their tax burden in tax havens to the tune of over 21 trillion. A sum larger than the entire American economy.

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  1. Zug is a German speaking city in Swtzerland. It has a population of around 26'000 people. Known as a tax haven, the city is Headquarters to nearly 30,000 companies, of which 17,000 are stock exchange-listed companies.

  2. That, if you take wealth hidden in tax havens into account, US net foreign debt is greatly reduced and Europe actually becomes a creditor

  3. Back in 2009 Google paid only 2,6% tax using an offshore tax haven in Bermuda.

  4. The super-rich have hidden $21 Trillion (£13 Trillion) in tax havens.

  5. London's financial sector is powered almost entirely by it's offshore tax havens,

  6. The Colombian Drug Cartel use multiple tax havens for money laundering (video documentary "Explained With Maps: Tax Havens")

  7. The super-rich have as much as $32 trillion dollars ($32,000,000,000,000) hidden in offshore tax havens

  8. Apple held $111.3 BILLION offshore last year. Estimated U.S. Tax Avoided = $36.44 Billion. Number of Offshore Tax Havens = 3

  9. The US, while fighting tax havens around the world, is slowly becoming the biggest one of all.

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In Minnesota it’s illegal to possess controlled substances if taxes haven’t been collected on their sale, legal or illegal

"About 8 percent of the world’s wealth, or $7.6 trillion, is held in tax havens." - source

The super rich are hiding $32 trillion ($32,000,000,000,000) in offshore tax havens - source

There used to be a small country between Belgium and Germany, called Neutral Moresnet. Esperanto was the national language, it was also a tax haven, had a casino and 3 gin distilleries.

The Phoenix Foundation was a libertarian organisation that supported the Nagriamel rebels in the "Coconut War" so they could setup a tax haven on what is now Vanuatu. - source

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The super rich are hiding more than $32 trilllion ($32,000,000,000,000) in offshore tax havens

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