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There have been no beehive losses in Cuba. Unable to import pesticides due to the embargo, the island now exports valuable organic honey.

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Most of the Italian olive oil sold is not actually Italian. Italy is the biggest olive oil importer and exporter. They buy olive oil mostly from Spain rebrand it and sell it as Italian.

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  1. There is a fully fledged licit cocaine market. The UK imports 80% of the legal cocaine produced. The the coca leaves are grown in the Andes and exported to the USA by the DEA for cocaine to be extracted.

  2. The US exports to Antarctica are worth 6.51 Million dollars and imports are worth 168 thousand dollars.

  3. The top export of the United States is cars, and the top import of the United States is cars.

  4. The Shell Corporation started out in 1833 as an import-export business specialising in oriental seashells. They started shipping oil over 50 years later but the name stuck.

  5. Vatican City imports all of its food and manufactured products from Italy as it does not have any industrial or agricultural business sectors and does not export anything.

  6. Iron ore was important to the New Jersey Colony. They used it to manufacture items to export to England such as tools, kettles, nails, plows, and nails. They also exported large chunks of iron to be manufactured into iron products elsewhere.

  7. The worlds least developed countries can export everything but arms into the EU without any tariffs or import quotas.

  8. In 1972, PepsiCo became the first American product to be produced, marketed and sold in the USSR when it struck an agreement with the Soviets. PepsiCo was granted exportation and Western marketing rights to Stolichnaya vodka, in exchange for importation and Soviet marketing of Pepsi-Cola

  9. Agriculture is important to the economy of the Ivory Coast. Major exports include palm oil, coffee, and cocoa beans. Fishing and forestry are also important to the country's economy.

  10. Danish East India Company established first trading outpost in India at Tranquebar in 1620 and during their heyday combined with Swedish East Asia Company exported more Tea to Europe than British did but lost importance and finally left India when they sold last outpost to British in 1868.

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import export fact data chart about The balance between countries' import and export of goods an
The balance between countries' import and export of goods and services 1960-2016

import export fact data chart about U.S. Crude Oil Imports & Democratic Attainment Among Exporti
U.S. Crude Oil Imports & Democratic Attainment Among Exporting Countries

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Puerto Rico must use the U.S. Merchant Marine for the oceanic transportation of any goods. All imported products would drop 40% and it would save PR $150 million in product export if they didn't use it. PR trade produces 25% of The U.S. Merchant Marine’s income.

Since China’s crackdown on foreign waste imports, nearly half of plastic waste exported from the US for recycling was shipped to Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, where there is no regulatory framework to ensure plastic waste is processed in an environmentally friendly way. - source

North Korea has a secretive government office called “Room 39″ manages illicit income, from such sources as meth exports (estimated worth: $100 million to $200 million per year) or scamming foreign businesses, which it then uses to quietly import high-quality food and liquor for Kim’s court.” - source

The twelfth most important export products of the UK is human and animal blood - ranking higher than computers

Honda Motors was started by an engineer from Toyota, and made motorcycles for nearly twenty years before making cars. In 2013 Honda exported more cars from the US than imported - source

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The United States exports more oil than it imports.

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Native American slaves were replaced by African slaves as Natives died out due to European diseases. From 1670 to 1717 more Natives were exported than Africans were imported. By late 1700 Native women began to marry Africans, producing children whose native identities were obscured through time.

WOOTZ STEEL made in India in ancient times was the most advanced form of steel and exported worldwide. It production was prohibited by Britishers. Taken by European travelers it played an important role in modern metallurgy. Researchers are trying even today to reproduce it.

Singapore is the world's largest importer of sand and has grown its landmass by 22% artificially, creating a large illegal export industry in Cambodia which is threatening wildlife and the ecosystem.

In 2011 48 people died in Germany from a mutant strain of E.coli. Germany wrongly blamed the Spanish cucumbers it was importing which ultimately cost Spain US$200 million a week in exports. It was later discovered the contamination probably occurred somewhere in Germany.

India's hope of re-introducing cheetahs by importing it from Iran failed because Iran wanted lions in exchange, and India could not agree to export any of its lions.

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import export fact infographic about A bloomberg chart of import and export volume from many coun

A bloomberg chart of import and export volume from many countries to the United States

import export fact infographic about Top 15 Countries by Telephone (Line Telephone and Mobile Pho

Top 15 Countries by Telephone (Line Telephone and Mobile Phone) Imports and Exports in 2018

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Over 75% of Saudi Arabia's exported oil goes to Asian countries like Japan, China, Korea, and India and almost none goes to the US. Most US imported oil comes from Mexico (36%), Nigeria (16%), and Colombia (15%). Almost none comes from the Middl East.

China's biggest agricultural export is Onions OEC - China (CHN) Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners

Reagan appointed his former campaign manager and chairman of the import export bank to head the CIA. He hadn't served in intelligence for over 35 years. He would fly to Rome and secretly brief the pope on intelligence, with Reagan's permission.

In Japan importing and exporting rice is extremely limited by the government.

The export-Import Bank of the United States uses taxpayers money to subsidize the sale of planes to other countries, effectively undercutting the growth of US airlines and airports.

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According to the OEC, 1/3 (34%) of North Korea's exports are in coal briquettes. Coal briquettes also form 1.5% of it's imports.

It is widely believed that Cuba's most important export is medical personnel.

The top two international exports by value are cars and refined petroleum, and the U.S. imports more of both than any other country.

A large portion of the cost of a tariff is placed on the consumer in the importing country rather than on the producer in the exporting country, and that importing consumers lose more than importing producers gain.

One family, the Cargills, controls 25% of Americas wheat exports, and 25% of its Beef Imports. Their conglomeration of companies comprises the wealthiest privately held company in the world....and id never heard the name uttered in my life.

The MP412 REX, short for Revolver for EXport, was a Russian made .357 revolver with an uncommon break-open ejection. Only a few prototypes were produced due to import restrictions in the US at the time limiting the market for such a firearm.

The Kimberley Process, established in 2003 to keep conflict diamonds from entering the mainstream market. Participants now include all major rough diamond producing, exporting and importing countries.

The city of Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia, is China's busiest land port of entry, and is responsible for 60% of all imports from and exports to Eastern Europe

Puerto Rico exports almost twice as much as it imports

In 1930 the US increased tax on imports, but as a result US exports dropped by half.

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