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Hackers, who call themselves Cutting Sword of Justice hacked into systems of Saudi Arabian oil giant, Saudi Aramco and planted virus into 30,000 workstations which replaced the Critical Company data with " Burning American flag "

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Saudi Aramco, a Saudi Arabian oil and natural gas company, is valued between US$1.25 trillion and US$7 trillion making it the world's most valuable company.

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  1. The world's largest oil company, Saudi Aramco, generates over $1 BILLION in revenue every day.

  2. Saudi Aramco is by far the world's most valuable corporation and has 250 BILLION barrels of oil in reserve

  3. The Saudi oil firm Aramco had their net worth estimated as high as $7 trillion at one point, coincidentally the same as the ancient Dutch East India Company (78 Million "Guilders", adjusted for inflation)

  4. Saudi Aramco's value is estimated to be between US$1.25 trillion and US$10 trillion, making it the world's most valuable company.

  5. In 2012, Saudi Aramco had it's best year ever, exporting 594B dollars in petroleum products, adding to that sales made in KSA would raise the figure to 600+B . Saudi Aramco pays a 90% tax on it's profit to the Saudi government .

  6. Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil giant that is going public, produces 10% of the world's oil supply. And brought in more profit last year than Apple and Alphabet combined.

  7. In Saudi Arabia there is a residential, gated community only for employees of Saudi Aramco and their dependents, and that about 10,000 people live there

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The world's most valuable company isn't Apple, but rather the Saudi Arabian state-owned Saudi Aramco. Estimates value it between US$1.25-7 trillion, whereas Apple is worth $741 billion. - source

Saudi Aramco had more than half of their workstations wiped in a hack and when they needed the best security in the world they hired an American woman named Christina Kubecka to run their Security Operations Center - source

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