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Norway's sovereign wealth fund (worth approx. $850b) excludes Wal-Mart from its investment portfolio because of serious or systematic human rights violations.

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Norways oil fund, the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, boycotts investing in Wal-Mart, due to ethical reasons, among those "blocking workers' efforts to form unions"

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  1. Norway maintains the largest sovereign wealth fund totaling $882 Billion in assets

  2. Norway (population 5 million) has the largest single Sovereign wealth fund in the world, totaling $889 billion USD. Enough for $177,800 per person.

  3. Norway's sovereign wealth fund is worth about $195,000 USD per Norwegian citizen.

  4. Norway, a country of 5 million people, has a sovereign wealth fund worth over $1 trillion USD and owns about 1.5% of all the world's stocks

  5. The small island nation of Singapore has two sovereign wealth funds with a combined size of more than half a trillion dollars despite Singapore having no natural resources like nations such as Norway.

  6. The first sovereign wealth fund was created by Texas in 1854 to fund public education.

  7. The production studio that funded the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street", Red Granite Pictures, was funded illegally by corrupt officials using the Malaysian Sovereign Wealth fund.

  8. Maldives former President Mohamed Nasheed had an intent to create a sovereign wealth fund from tourism money to purchase land elsewhere for people to relocate should rising sea levels due to climate change inundate the country, considered Sri Lanka, India & Australia.

  9. The Government Pension Fund of Norway, the worlds biggest sovereign wealth fund, let you see the market value at any time.

  10. China, UAE and Norway, respectively, hold the three biggest sovereign wealth funds' assets in the world with China's assets reaching $1.42 trillion.

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Norway has the world's largest sovereign wealth fund. The fund derives its financial backing from the countries oil profits. As of June 2017 its total value is USD 958 billion, holding almost 1% of global stocks.

The Timor-Leste Petroleum Fund (a Sovereign Wealth Fund) had a value of $16.5 billion in 2017, which was the nearly 5.6 times the GDP of the country. - source

Norway's economy is underwritten by the world's largest sovereign wealth fund that is 3x its GDP and is funded by its vast offshore oil reserves - source

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