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Approximately half of the world's assets under management are registered in the Cayman Islands.

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A single computer-network named Aladdin manages $15 trillion, which is around 7% of the world's financial assets.

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  1. BlackRock, Inc., the world's biggest investment management corporation, manages over $4.6 trillion in assets.

  2. The largest bank failure was Washington Mutual with total assets under management of $328 billion, it was sold (minus unsecured debt and equity claims) to JPMorgan Chase for $1.9 billion

  3. Dane Cook's brother and former manager, along with his sister-in-law stole millions of dollars from him while managing his financial assets.

  4. Warren Buffet's company, Berkshire Hathaway, staffs only 25 people who manage over $329 billion in assets.

  5. State Street Corporation, It is one of the largest asset management companies in the world with US$2.78 trillion under management and US$33.12 trillion under custody and administration.The company is on the list of the banks that are too big to fail published by the Financial Stability Board

  6. Brookfield Asset Management took a 99 year lease from the Kushners and paid 1.1 Billion upfront when the building was failing

  7. Shadow Banks are the collection of non-bank financial intermediaries that provide services similar to traditional commercial banks but outside normal banking regulations, like BlackRock Inc. which manages assets totaling $6.84 trillion, twice that of the largest regular bank.

  8. The Biggest Data Leak in History "proves how a global industry led by major banks, legal firms, and asset management companies secretly manages the estates of the world’s rich and famous: from politicians, Fifa officials, fraudsters and drug smugglers, to celebrities and professional athletes."

  9. On May 27th there was a remarkable conference on 'Inclusive Capitalism' including delegates representing one third of the world’s financial assets under management.

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