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285,000 companies including Apple, Coca-Cola, GE, Google, and Walmart are officially headquartered at 1209 North Orange Street, Wilmington, Delaware due to the state's low corporate tax rates.

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The fall of Nokia has decimated Finland's economy: "By 2000, Nokia accounted for a mindboggling 4% of Finnish GDP, 70% of Helsinki's stock exchange market capital, 43% of corporate R&D, 21% of total exports and 14% of corporate tax revenues. It was and still is unprecedented."

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  1. Nobody other than its owners really know who owns IKEA. Parts of it are owned by multiple shell corporations, and many of the stores themselves are technically owned by a non-profit charitable organization and thus do not pay taxes on their income.

  2. Ikea is technically a non-profit organization dedicated to researching interior design and this structure allows it to keep its corporate taxes under 4%

  3. Liechtenstein, one of the smallest countries in the world, has one of the lowest business and corporate tax rates, highest GDP per capita, zero external debt, and more registered businesses than people.

  4. Rolex is owned by a private foundation, registered as a charity and does not pay corporate tax.

  5. Rolex is owned by a foundation which is registered as a charity and therefore pays no corporate tax

  6. The UK govt has created a tax called the "Google Tax" to stop corporates diverting funds abroad to reduce tax liability.

  7. I learned that due to a legal loophole, corporations in America can claim their corporate fines for wrongdoing as tax deductions, meaning the taxpayer pays for their misdeeds not the corporations.

  8. Apple only paid 1.9% in corporate tax on the profits generated outside of the US

  9. Corporate tax laws encourage business to use borrowed money rather than their own profits to fund expansion.

  10. Many American corporations spend more money lobbying then paying taxes, to the government they are hiding from

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401k plans were originally created in the early 1980’s as a tax loophole for company executives to stash away more earnings. Eventually Wall Street found a whole new money stream by convincing corporations to invest in their mutual funds within the 401k. (Starts at minute 12:00).

Alaska's oil tax credit program will pay more in corporate subsidies to small oil and gas companies than the state is forecast to collect in total oil production taxes. - source

Intellectual property has become a core tool in corporate tax planning and tax avoidance, which the OECD estimates costs $100–240 billion in lost annual tax revenues - source

There are 4 "utopian" communities still active in the United States. The Fairhope Single Tax Corporation in Fairhope, AL. The Arden Village in Delaware. The town of Post, Texas. And Twin Oaks in Virginia

In 2013 the IRS received $281 billion in taxes from 2.2 million corporate income taxes, a little under $12500 per tax return. - source

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Cuba has a lower corporate tax rate than the United States

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Texas, Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, Washington, and Ohio do not have a state corporate tax.

Corporations as a whole only paid 7% of their profits as federal taxes in 2018, the lowest effective tax rate since 1947

Corporations filing taxes in America can deduct the cost of marketing from their taxes

Corporations don't pay corporate income taxes; it's paid for primarily by labor, rarely by owners of capital.

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Since 1961, The total percentage of U.S. Federal Income Tax collected from corporations has been cut in half.

American tax payers foot the bill for prisoners while private prisons provide cheap labor to corporations and make a huge profit.

The last confederate governor of texas reduced the exploitation of railroad workers, raised taxes on corporations, and resisted election fraud.

CEO pay is treated as an expense, and the greater a CEO's pay is, the more tax subsidies a corporation qualifies for.

Corporations reported a 29.7% drop in taxes in 2018 calculated on $2.076 trillion in profits.

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In regards to the US federal budget, payroll taxes have been increasing to make up for decreasing corporate payroll taxes

The US has the highest corporate tax in the world at 48%

Corporate income taxes brought in 33% of US federal revenue in 1952. Today it's only 9%.

A recent Financial Times analysis of seven US technology giants found they paid just £54m in UK corporate tax in 2012, even though their overall sales to British customers totalled $15bn.

It's a great time to be rich in Canada. While the Canadian Revenue Agency is disrupting the work of tiny NGOs, the government is simultaneously laying off international tax auditors who specialized in investigating the tax avoidance strategies of 1-per-cent-ers and corporations.

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