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The east and west US use different sized sticks of butter

how much is 2 sticks of butter?

A patent is pending on a "Jar with a Twist" -- a container for dispensing peanut butter and other similar products -- that has a rotating bottom which functions similar to a deodorant stick to bring the contents of the jar up towards the top for easier access.

What is two sticks of butter?

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what is 2 sticks of butter?

  1. Sticks of butter in the U.S. are shaped and packaged differently based on whether they will be sold east or west of the Rocky Mountains because of historical differences in "butter printers."

  2. You will eat at least 1 stick of butter (110g) when dining at a classic French restaurant, according to Anthony Bourdain

  3. Certain Popeye's locations in the South serve fried chicken livers. They aren't the healthiest option - one serving of Popeye's chicken livers contains a whopping 765mg of cholesterol. (For reference, eating a stick of butter would be 243mg of cholesterol.)

  4. Butter sticks that are sold in the United States come in two distinct shapes (although containing the same amount of butter) depending to a large extent on whether it is being sold East or West of the Rocky Mountains.

  5. Butter sticks are differently shaped and packaged differently depending on whether you live east or west of the Rocky Mountains.

  6. Butter comes in different shape and size sticks between the east and west coast of North America. East coast comes in long, narrow sticks called the Elgin. West coast comes in short, thick sticks called the Western Stubbie.

  7. Butter sold on the West Coast of the US is sold in shorter, fatter sticks than the long and skinny versions sold on the East Coast. Both sizes are of 4oz of butter.

  8. the butter sticks are different sizes depending on where you life in the US. On the West coast, they are short and stubby, while on the East Coast, they are long and thin. This can be attributed to the fact that the East coast produced butter much earlier than the West.

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What is 1 cup of butter in sticks?

Why does butter come in sticks?

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Sticks of butter are shaped differently in different parts of the US

Brian Cushing, linebacker for the Houston Texans, puts half a stick of butter in his morning coffee. - source

The shape of the butter stick you find at the grocery store is different depending on the coast you live on. Long and skinny on the East coast and short and fat on the West coast. - source

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Diet author Seth Roberts, blogged how he was eating half a stick of butter a day, and that cardiologists telling him he was killing himself were wrong ... 4 months later he died of a coronary while hiking

How much is two sticks of butter?

The standard size and shape of sticks of butter is different in the Eastern US from the Western US.

A "Stick of Butter" isn't just a term used by Americans, but is in fact a measurement equating to 1/4 of a pound.

Woody Allen suffered from several weird phobias such as fear of bright colors, animals, elevators and peanut butter sticking to the roof of his mouth. (He has fear of pretty much everything)

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