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Wombats do cube-shaped poops so they can mark their territory with poop without it rolling away in the wind.

how do wombats poop cubes?

Wombats have cubed shape poop. Every evening, an average wombat deposits 80 to 100 dry, cube-like droppings around its territory.

What does wombat poop look like?

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what shape is wombat poop?

  1. Wombats use cubic poop to mark their territory. Poop cubes sit on rocks better than round poop.

  2. Wombat scat/poo is CUBE-SHAPED as a result of its diet and long digestion. They leave their cube-shaped scat as territorial signposts on the tops of rocks and logs and can produce between 80 and 100 pellets per day.

  3. Wombat poop is more cube like and they also have backwards-facing pouches. Meaning sometimes the young wombats can have their face covered in poo.

  4. Wombats poop cubes so it doesnt roll away so they van mark there territory

  5. Wombats drop cube deuces. And about 80-100 times a day on average.

  6. A wombat's poop comes out shaped like little cubes.

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What shape does a wombat poop?

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