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Is is impossible to accurately measure the length of any coastline. The smaller the unit of measurement used, the longer the coast seems to be. This is called the Coastline Paradox and is a great example of fractal geometry.

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The "coastline paradox" makes measuring around bodies of water and coastlines mathematically impossible.

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  1. It is impossible to get the true measure of the coastline of any nation on the planet due to something called the Coastline Paradox. For example the CIA measures the USA's coastline as 18,924 miles whereas NOAA measures it as 95,471 miles.

  2. The CIA measures the total miles of U.S. Coastline at 18,924 while Congressional Research Institute puts it at 29,093 and NOAA at 95,471; and that they are all correct thanks to the Coastline Paradox

  3. The length of the coastline of a landmass cannot be calculated. This is called the coastline paradox. Since there is no obvious size of the smallest feature that should be measured around, no single answer can be given when trying to measure a coastline.

  4. The "Coastline Paradox," which states that it is impossible to find the exact length of any coastline because of their fractal nature.

  5. The Coastline Paradox, a principle which states that every coastline in the world is essentially infinite and impossible to measure

  6. The coastline paradox - The length of a coastline changes based on the units (mi, ft, km, m, etc) you use to measure it

  7. The length of a coastline is dependent on the length of the base measuring stick used to measure it. (The Coastline Paradox)

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