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62 decimal digits of pi is all that is needed to calculate the circumference of the known universe to Planck length precision

how many planck lengths in the universe?

Humans are closer to the size of the observable universe than they are to the smallest unit of measure (Planck length)

What is the age of the universe expressed in units of the planck time?

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planck mission updates the age of the universe and what it contains?

  1. If the Planck length is the smallest possible thing, and the observable universe is the largest possible thing, then an object which would roughly sit in the middle of these two sizes would strangely be.... an adult human body.

  2. Graham's number. A number so large the observable universe is far too small to contain an ordinary digital representation of Graham's number, assuming that each digit occupies one Planck volume (smallest meaningful measurement)

  3. Although he was a gifted musician and composer, he decided to study physics and entered the University of Munich in 1874.

  4. In 1892 he became a full professor at the University of Berlin and in 1909 he was a Ernest Kempton Adams Lecturer in Theoretical Physics at Columbia University.

  5. Between 1880 and 1885 he continued his work on heat theory and in April 1885 he became the associate professor theoretical physics at the University of Kiel.

  6. Humans are, logarithmically, in the middle of size on a scale of planck length to the size of the universe.

  7. It would take more Planck lengths to span a grain of sand than it would take grains of sand to span the observable universe.

  8. He studied physics at the University of Berlin where Max Planck was one of his professors.

  9. Max Planck and Heinrich Rubens were his teachers at Humboldt University.

  10. Planck was appointed Dean of Berlin University and in 1914 created a professorship for Einstein there.

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Why does the universe keep expanding?

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One of the smallest known measurement is a Planck Length. It's so small, if you were to magnify a 0.1mm dot to the size of the universe, a Planck Length is a 0.1mm dot inside that universe-sized "dot".

The size of the human body is almost exactly halfway between the size of the known universe and that of 1 Planck length (smallest known spatial unit.) - source

Graham's number is so large, it couldn't fit in the universe even if every digit was a Planck length, the smallest measurement. - source

Quantum Foam measured at Planck length is comparable in size to a .1mm dot as that dot is to the entire observable universe

A Planck length is SMALL Imagine the smallest particle you could see with the naked eye (about 0.1mm across) expand to the size of the observable universe. At this scale, a Planck length... would be roughly the size of a particle 0.1mm across. - source

When will the universe stop expanding?

If you took a human hair and blew it up to the width of the observable universe, Planck length would be blown up to only 1/4000th of an inch

How many planck volumes in the universe?

The Poincaré recurrence time. It is an estimation of the largest possible time scale o our universe. It is so large it doesn't matter whether you measure it in Planck seconds, years, or millennia, the estimation would still be the same.

The number of planck lengths you could fit across a single brain cell, is equal to the amount of brain cells you could fit across the entire observable universe.

On A Scale of the Smallest to Largest Measurable Distances, the Planck length & the Observable Universe, the Logarithmic mid point is a human brain cell. That is, a neuron is as many Planck lengths wide as the universe is neurons across. o_O

According to the Planck mission team, the observable universe contains 26.8% dark matter, 68.3% dark energy (for a total of 95.1%) and 4.9% ordinary matter.

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