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A Marine called customer service when his M107 .50 caliber sniper rifle failed during a gunfight with the Taliban. After several minutes the weapon was back in service.

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During the Winter War, Finns used mannequins posing as officers to draw fire from Soviet snipers. The Finns would then return fire with the Lahti L-39, a 20 mm anti-tank rifle.

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  1. The United States military is testing - a laser cannon that can be directed by an Xbox controller, an electromagnetic rail gun that can be placed on future tanks, and a 'smart' sniper rifle that can measure variables like wind conditions.

  2. Carlos Hathcock, an American sniper with the only confirmed kill of shooting an enemy sniper through his own rifle scope, hitting him in the eye and killing him.

  3. Ronnie Barrett, creator of the Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle, developed the now famous rifle without any background in engineering or manufacturing. In the last 100 years, Barrett is one of only 7 individuals to have invented firearms adopted by the United States Military.

  4. The longest confirmed sniper kill was by Craig Harrison who killed two Taliban insurgents from a distance of 1.54 miles. The bullet took 3 seconds to reach their targets, which were 914 m (3,000 ft) beyond the L115A3 sniper rifle’s recommended range.

  5. A real-life Rambo, a man who evaded thermal-imaging helicopters, armored vehicles, and nearly 1,000 police officers for 48 days after murdering a state trooper with a sniper rifle in northern Pennsylvania. The man, Eric Frein, learned his skills as an Eagle scout and war reenactor.

  6. A man named Khattab led several successful guerrilla attacks against Russian forces in the Chechen wars. After the war, he survived multiple assassination attempts by Russian secret service, including one where he was shot with a sniper rifle. Eventually he died to a letter filed with poison.

  7. About the first sniper rifle. The Whitworth rifle was a scoped musket used by the Confederates during the Civil War which could hit targets at up to 2000 yards, and was the cause for the death of many high ranking officers and artillery crews from a distances considered impossible at the time.

  8. Before 2002 the record for longest confirmed kill was held by Carlos Hathcock, who, rather than using a conventional sniper rifle, used a .50 cal M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun.

  9. On the morning of April 16, 2013 a team of gunmen opened fire using sniper rifles and .30 caliber rounds on the Metcalf Transmission Substation in San Jose CA, severely damaging 17 transformers. The attack resulted in over $15 million worth of damage.

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A Palestinian used a sniper rifle to target and shoot a 10 month old Israeli infant. Two years later the baby's father was caught planning to blow up a Palestinian girls' school.

The Barrett 50 Caliber Sniper rifle is the official state gun of Tennessee - source

Simo Hayha, the most lethal marksman in world history, amassed at least 505 confirmed sniper kills and 200 kills with a submachine gun during the Winter War. His rifle, a Mosin-Nagant, was only equipped with iron sights. - source

In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater you can not only kill "The End" by skipping ahead a week so he dies of old age during the fight, you can kill him before the fight even occurs if you are quick enough with a sniper rifle after a cutscene.

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The Beltway snipers obtained their rifle from a gun shop that could not account for 238 guns it had received, had been cited for at least 15 violations by the ATF from 1998-2002, and had sold guns linked to 52 crimes from 1997-2001.

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The Bizon submachine gun was designed by the sons of Kalashnikov (Inventor of the AK) and Dragunov (Inventor of the Dragunov Sniper Rifle)

EXACTO, a self-guided sniper bullet capable of maneuvering in flight to hit targets that are offset from where the sniper rifle is aimed.

A machine gun designed in World War I, the M2 Browning, is still in use today, and was even used as a sniper rifle as recently as the Vietnam War

The existence of DARPA's EXtreme ACcuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO), a sniper rifle round capable of adjusting its path in order to increase the odds of hitting a target.

What is it Like to Shoot the M107 Barrett .50 Caliber Rifle - Monster Sniper Rifle in Action!

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The cost of a positron sniper rifle round would be about $600,000.

The Indian military still uses bolt action rifles as a front-line weapon for regular military forces (not a sniper rifle or designated marksman rifle)

The longest confirmed sniper kill was a double kill. The rifle was the L115A3, made famous as the AWP from Counter-Strike

The PP-19 Bizon is made by the son of the guy that made the AK-47 and the son of the guy that made the Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD).Best gun crossover.

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The Barrett Model M82/M107 is the official rifle of the State of Tennessee; a 50 caliber sniper capable of immobilizing tanks and blasting through concrete block

A Canadian sniper has broken the world record for the longest confirmed kill shot. The soldier shot an IS militant dead from 3,540 meters, using McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle.

The Sexpert Dr. Ruth Westheimer was once a trained sniper of Israeli Defense Force. To this day, she can still load a Sten Automatic rifle in under a minute. Blindfolded.

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