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John Dillinger owned a custom-made fully automatic 1911 handgun. Legally.

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KLM flights used to have a fully automatic rifle (Fairchild era AR-10) aboard for survival purposes in case of arctic grounding on their polar route from Amsterdam to Tokyo.

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  1. The Russians had their own Space Shuttle program in the 80's called 'Buran' that was the first space shuttle to perform an unmanned flight, including landing in fully automatic mode. It launched, orbited the Earth several times, and successfully landed without a crew in strong crosswinds.

  2. A fully automated trans-atlantic flight, including automatic takeoff and landing, was completed in 1947.

  3. Freelance engineer Jason Murray built a fully automatic 10.78J coilgun in his own home, powerful enough to fire a small projectile at a speed of ~40 m/s.

  4. Before the Golden Gate Bridge toll collection system switched to fully automatic in 2013, the average salary of a toll taker was over $27 per hour. The switch is expected to save 16 million dollars over eight years.

  5. The first fully automatic, recoil-operated machine gun, widely considered to be Hiram Maxim's invention, was patented by a Swede in 1870.

  6. Guns can easily (and LEGALLY) be turned into fully automatic weapons with a "trigger crank"

  7. How to make my legal AR-15 fully automatic with a simple rubber band

  8. There was a fully automatic rifle called the Girandoni rifle with a magazine capacity of 20 rounds that was invented in 1779, 8 years before the 2nd amendment was written.

  9. "Bump firing." Which is the using the recoil of a semi-automatic firearm to fire shots in rapid succession, which simulates the feeling of a fully automatic firearm. There are also legal devices that can multiply this effect.

  10. In Nov 1988, Russia launched the first space shuttle to complete an unmanned space flight, orbiting of the earth and landing in fully automatic mode. This was the only launch of the Buran project which was suspended due to lack of funds. In May 2002, a hangar collapse destroyed the Orbiter K1.

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The differences between fully automatic, semi-automatic, hunting and assault rifles. Good video to watch regardless of your opinion.

Fully automatic firearms have been banned from manufacture for civilians since 1986 - source

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