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The average black-market price of an AK-47 worldwide is $534. In certain areas in Africa, prices of AK-pattern rifles can be as low as $30. It is estimated that up to 100 million Kalashnikov assault rifles are still in use today.

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Some Syrian rebels are using the Sturmgwehr 44, an assault rifle produced in Nazi Germany in late WW2 and which can be worth up to $30'000 in the US

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  1. The "AR" in AR-15 is a brand name and stands for "ArmaLite Rifle" not "assault rifle"

  2. School clerk Antoinette Tuff encountered a man carrying an AK-47 assault rifle into an elementary school in Georgia and spent an hour convincing him not to hurt anybody. In the end, he didn’t.

  3. Gander the dog, 'sergeant' of the Royal Rifles of Canada in WW2. During the Battle of Hong Kong Gander twice helped fight off Japanese assaults before picking up a grenade thrown at wounded Canadian soldiers and charging enemy lines with it, losing his own life but saving several soldiers.

  4. The Sonic game Shadow The Hedgehog contains profanity, allows Shadow to use assault rifles, and the options to attempt to assassinate the president and aid terrorists in detonating bombs in a major city.

  5. The modern assault rifle used by British forces still allows for fixed bayonets, which is rare in modern rifles. Orders commanding soldiers to fix bayonets, in heavy fighting, has happened multiple times in the modern wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  6. The Soviets produced an assault rifle that was more reliable and accurate, and easier to produce and maintain than the AK-47. It was only rejected because of a greater proficiency with the AK-47 among the Russian military.

  7. In 2009 Somali pirates attacked a French flagship thinking it was civilian. The French repelled the assault rifle attack without sustaining damage or casualties and proceeded to capture five of the pirates.

  8. The Mexican Military designed its own assault rifle called FX-05 Xiuhcoatl that translates to "Fire Snake"

  9. On this day (11/13) in 1947, the Soviet Union completed development of the AK-47, one of the first proper assault rifles.

  10. The MP 44, often considered the first assault rifle, was originally named the Mkb 44 (Machine Carbine), but all new rifle programs had been suspended by the German army. The inventors simply renamed it the MP 44 (Submachine Gun) so they could continue development.

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The Finnish-used assault rifle RK62 can be cocked by swinging.

The AR in firearms such as the AR-15 does not stand for Assault Rifle, it actually stands for ArmaLite Rifle, the company that created that type of gun - source

The Russians have an assault rifle designed for use exclusively underwater. The APS rifle fires a special 120 mm (4.75in) steel bolt projectile, and has a 30m effective range at a 5m depth. - source

There is a jewelry company that upcycles AK-47s confiscated from Africa into jewelry and returns some profits to remove assault rifles from Africa's war-torn areas

In 1997, one the most violent gun battles in modern police history took place across the street from my house at the North Hollywood BOA. It took over 200 LAPD officers to take down just two body armor wearing bank robbers with a cache of automatic assault rifles. - source

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The creator of the Ak-47 assault rifle, Mikhail Kalashnikov, felt responsible for the death and destruction caused by the weapon.

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The national flag of Mozambique features an AK-47 assault rifle (with bayonet)

Victorinox also produces bayonets for Swiss assault rifles

There was a shootout in 1997 where 2 armored bank robbers, armed with assault rifles engaged in a firefight with the LAPD that last 44 minutes and nearly 2000 rounds were fired.

Yugoslavian elite paratroopers used the StG-44 well into the early '80ties, even though they could've chose any other type of assault rifle. They tested the AK,G3,M16 but chose to keep the StG, replacing them only once they'd worn them out.

The city of Zurich can get a half day off work for teenagers to shoot SIG assault rifles

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The term 'Assault Rifle' was coined by Hitler after he saw a demonstration for the MP-44 and loved it so much he demanded it be called the Sturmgewehr (Storm 'Assault' Rifle)

The "AR" in AR-15 doesn't stand for assault rifle, it stands for ArmaLite (the brand name).

The Russian defense manufacturer Kalashnikov, best known for its AK-47 assault rifle, had a concept electric car named CV-1. They call it the "Russia's answer to Tesla"

The term “assault rifle” was created as Nazi propaganda as a fear tactic

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The British Army's current assault rifle, had a 27 man design team, not one of whom had ever fired a rifle in his life. This had predictable results.

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The Israeli assault rifle the Galil has a bottle opener built into it as standard issue; since users would use the magazine lip as a bottle opener and damage the gun.

The term "assault weapon" is a political term, developed by anti-gun publicists to expand the category of "assault rifles" (they are not one and the same).

AR in AR-15 doesn't stand for assault rifle. It stands for ArmaLite.

The AR in "AR-15" rifle stands for ArmaLite rifle, after the company that developed it in the 1950s. "AR" does NOT stand for "assault rifle" or "automatic rifle."

The differences between fully automatic, semi-automatic, hunting and assault rifles. Good video to watch regardless of your opinion.

The creation of the term “assault rifle” is generally attributed to Adolf Hitler.

Tea Party ‘Christian’ Heroine aka Holly Hobby Lobby -- the woman brandishing an assault rifle and a bible -- Cheated On Her Veteran Husband At Family Values Conference

The "AR" in AR-15 doesn't stand for neither "Assault Rifle" or "Automatic Rifle", but rather for ArmaLite Rifle, ArmaLite being the company that originally started producing these types of rifles.

Only 300 of the 12,000 murders in the US per year are committed with rifles, with assault rifles like the AR-15 being an undefined subset of that 300. Twice as many people are beaten to death with fists and feet.

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