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Lachhiman Gurung, A Nepalese Gurkha who lost his arm in battle but continued to fight with his bolt action rifle, single handedly holding off over 200 Japanese troops and killing 31 until the next morning.

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Double-barreled bolt action rifles exist. They have two triggers, one for each barrel. With just one movement of the bolt, both spent cartridges come out and fresh ones are loaded in.

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  1. Springfield developed a conversion kit for the Springfield 1903 bolt action, back during WWI, that would turn it into a semi-automatic rifle.

  2. The Japanese's primary infantry rifle for WW2, the bolt action Type 99 Arisaka, was equipped with anti aircraft sights. Primarily used for taking down slow recon planes used by the Chinese, they were obsolete by the time the US entered the war.

  3. There is no upper calibre limit on british gun laws for bolt actions, so artillery pieces and cannons are legal to own under a rifle license if they do not automatically reload and are breach loading

  4. Lachhiman Gurung, a Gurkha soldier who fought off waves of Japanese attacks, despite having to fire his bolt action using his left hand, having lost most of his right hand and arm from grenade shrapnel.

  5. The Japanese WW2 bolt action rifle, the Type 99 Arisaka, had sights to allow it to be used for anti-aircraft fire.

  6. A British WW1 bolt action shooting competition called the Mad Minute. The record set in 1908 was 36 hits on a 48 inch target at 300 yards with a Lee Enfield

  7. A Double Barrel Bolt action rifles exist

  8. In 1983 an Indian constable using a WW1 era bolt action Lee Enfield rifle managed to kill 14 and wound 9 others, firing 34 rounds in total within 50 minutes. They found another 35 cartridges in his pockets after he was shot by police.

  9. Abercrombie and Fitch was one of the largest expedition suppliers out there and sold bolt action rifles.

  10. A Texas grand jury ruled the 1961 death of Henry Marshall to be suicide, even though he had been shot five times with a bolt action rifle. The cause of death was later ordered changed in 1985 by a state judge.

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British riflemen could shoot and kill 15 targets in only a minute with a bolt action rifle.

At the Battle of Verdun during WW1, a single German Sergeant entered a French fort with a bolt action rifle and proceeded to capture every French soldier in the place. The Fort was taken and the only casualty was one of the Sergeant's men, who scraped his knee waiting outside. - source

The Indian military still uses bolt action rifles as a front-line weapon for regular military forces (not a sniper rifle or designated marksman rifle) - source

The British Military "Mad Minute" drill of firing 15 rounds with a bolt action rifle at a target 300 yards away made the Germans in WWI at the battle of Ypres think they were being attacked by machine guns.

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