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Pablo Picasso carried a revolver loaded with blanks, which he would shot at people who asked about the meaning of his paintings.

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A Utah High School allowed students to use a real gun, loaded with blank rounds, in a High School production of Oklahoma! Student shot himself in head with it, not knowing that a blank can still kill at close range, and died.

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  1. Blanks can injure or kill a person if used in close range. a known case is of actor Jon Erik-Hexum. Bored by delays while filming, he pointed a gun loaded with blanks to his head and reportedly said, “Can you believe this crap?” before pulling the trigger.

  2. In 1963, four Princeton students forced a local train to stop by parking a car on the tracks. With a gun loaded with blanks, they got on the train, picked four girls as their dates, and rode away with them on horseback.

  3. Pablo Picasso would carry around a gun loaded with blank bullets and he would shoot at fans who asked about his theory of aesthetics or the meaning of his works of art

  4. The guns used during the filming of the 1985 Russian World War II movie 'Come and see' were loaded with live ammunition instead of blanks to make the movie more realistic, and would miss the heads of the actors by mere inches.

  5. An actor in the 80s during a delay on the set took a gun loaded with blanks and after saying ”Can you believe this crap?” put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger as a joke, accidentally killing himself. A blank can kill you when shot at close range.

  6. "PC" in "PC Load Letter" is an abbreviation for paper cassette, the tray which holds blank paper.

  7. Guns in the the 1985 Soviet film Come and See ( Иди и смотри, Idi i smotri) were often loaded with live ammunition, as opposed to blanks, for realism. Bullets sometimes passed just 4 inches over actor's heads.

  8. A Utah high school allowed students to use a real gun, loaded with blank rounds, in a high school production of Oklahoma! The student shot himself in head with it, not knowing that a blank can still kill at close range, and died.

  9. In 1963 four men on horseback kidnapped 4 girls from a train in New Jersey armed with a pistol loaded with blanks.

  10. US firing squads of five marksmen use rifles of which one has been loaded with a blank: no one knows who shot the fatal round.

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In a firing squad, one gun is loaded with a blank cartridge, thus allowing each shooter some level of deniability.

Sonny Liston, the heavyweight champ at that time, shot at Muhammad Ali with a blank-loaded pistol in a casino when Ali was talking smack. - source

The props for the E-11 blaster rifles in Star Wars IV and V were actual firearms, and were loaded with blanks during filming for effect. - source

One rifle of the firing squad will be loaded with a blank so that no one will know for sure that he was responsible for the condemned man's death

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The promising actor Jon-Erik Hexum died in 1984 after playing a game of Russian roulette with a prop gun loaded with blanks, unaware that it would be dangerous. He was 26.

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Bruce Lee's son, Brandon was shot dead on a movie set aged 28 when a revolver loaded with a blank round had a piece of bullet casing jammed inside the barrel

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