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The Lee-Enfield rifle has been in active service with at least one military since 1895 (currently still used by the Canadian Rangers)

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Canada Has a Military Branch Called the Canadian Rangers, Who Mostly Consist of Aboriginals and Who Have Used the Lee-Enfield Rifle for 100 Years

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  1. In 1914, British training emphasized rapid-fire marksmanship and the average British soldier was able to hit a man-sized target fifteen times a minute, at a range of 300 yards (270 m) with his Lee-Enfield rifle

  2. The Lee-Enfield rifle has been used in combat for close to 120 years.

  3. A British WW1 bolt action shooting competition called the Mad Minute. The record set in 1908 was 36 hits on a 48 inch target at 300 yards with a Lee Enfield

  4. In 1983 an Indian constable using a WW1 era bolt action Lee Enfield rifle managed to kill 14 and wound 9 others, firing 34 rounds in total within 50 minutes. They found another 35 cartridges in his pockets after he was shot by police.

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