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In Houston, Texas, a 19-year-old man named Rashaad died attempting to play Russian roulette with a semi-automatic pistol instead of a revolver.

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A guy in Illinois built a homemade gatling gun out six SKS semi-automatic rifles and a hand crank. It’s dubbed the “Redneck Obliterator.” It’s perfectly legal. And it recently sold for $3,450.

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  1. John Moses Browning not only designed the M1911 handgun, but also the M2 50 caliber machine gun, the BAR automatic rifle, the 1887 lever action shotgun, the Auto 5 semi-auto shotgun, the Winchester 1894 lever action rifle, and many other designs and calibers.

  2. During the LA riots a group of Korean American business owners fought against looters and rioters with shotguns and semi-automatic weapons from the rooftops of their business.

  3. In 1990 an unemployed Frenchman, André Gardes, attempted to annex the tiny British island of Sark with a semi-automatic rifle. When a member of the local constabulary complimented his weapon Gardes showed him the rifle, the constable took it and arrested him.

  4. Springfield developed a conversion kit for the Springfield 1903 bolt action, back during WWI, that would turn it into a semi-automatic rifle.

  5. The Chinese developed a semi-automatic crossbow in the 4th century BC

  6. Danny Simpson, he robbed $6,000 from a bank in Ottawa. He used his father’s gun, which was a rare 1918 .45-caliber Colt semi-automatic valued at over $100,000. The gun went to a Canadian museum and Simpson went to jail.

  7. A semi-autonomous car would require driver intervention but be able to provide assistance such as automatic parking and highway driving help.

  8. The LA school police has semi-automatic rifles and mine resistant armored vehicles. They also had grenade launchers up until last year.

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In 1980, a man armed with a semi-automatic rifle and five revolvers broke into a TV station in Ohio, took the newsroom hostage and forced a reporter to interview him.

In 1994 a man shot at the White House with a semi-automatic weapon in broad daylight. There were no injuries but access to Pennsylvania Ave. was debated. - source

In 2007, Jim Zumbo was forced out of a 30-year career at Outdoor Life magazine, had his television show pulled from the air, and was dropped from sponsorship by companies after a single blog entry where he criticized the use of semi-automatic rifles for hunting. - source

Mal Reynolds' pistol in Firefly was actually a Taurus Model 85 revolver covered in cast brass to look semi-automatic. The look of the brass casting is based on the design of the Volcanic repeaters used in the American Civil War.

During the Bundy standoff, Las Vegas police officers were told NOT to wear protective body armor because it "was feared that it would be seen as a provocation", even though white protesters armed themselves with semi-automatic rifles, took up tactical positions, and threatened to kill police. - source

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A rubber band can easily shoulder bump fire a semi automatic rifle turning it into full auto.

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France had produced and issued over 80,000 semi-automatic rifles in World War 1.

"Bump firing." Which is the using the recoil of a semi-automatic firearm to fire shots in rapid succession, which simulates the feeling of a fully automatic firearm. There are also legal devices that can multiply this effect.

Semi-auto does not mean automatic and has been the predominate firearm technology for 130 years.

In 1954 four Puerto Rican nationalists shot 30 rounds from semi-automatic pistols from a balcony above the floor in the U.S. House of Representatives, wounding five Representatives. All four nationalists were pardoned by Jimmy Carter in 1979 and returned to Puerto Rico.

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The differences between fully automatic, semi-automatic, hunting and assault rifles. Good video to watch regardless of your opinion.

A man shot at the White House with a semi-automatic rifle in 2011, with bullets hitting the window of Obama's living room. It took 4 days for the Secret Service to realise the White House had been struck.

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