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Conrad Heyer is the earliest born person to be photographed. He was born in 1749 and sat for a photo in 1852 at age 103. He is the only known photographed revolutionary war soldier to have crossed the Delaware with George Washington.

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Lafayette, a Frenchman from the revolutionary war who later toasted "to the perpetual union of the united states. it has always served us in times of storm. one day it will save the world". American troops sent to France in world war 1 visited the grave and said "Lafayette, we are here"

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  1. George Washington ordered a ceasefire during the Revolutionary War to return a lost dog to its owner, Sir William Howe, a British general. The dog was found wandering the battlefield and was fed and cleaned before being returned to Howe.

  2. George Washington's mother was alive to see George Washington win the revolutionary war and see him become the nation's first president. She was consistently dissatisfied with her son and even petitioned Virginia for a pension because of claimed neglect.She was also rumored to be a loyalist.

  3. Samuel Whittemore, the oldest known colonial combatant in the American Revolutionary War. At the age of 78, after killing two British soldiers, Samuel was shot in the face, bayoneted numerous times, and left for dead in a pool of blood. Samuel lived another 18 years.

  4. About Bill Richmond, a black slave who fought alongside the British during the Revolutionary War. He later moved to England where he became one of the world's most famous bare-knuckle boxers. An articulate, respected man, he married a white woman and attended George IV’s coronation.

  5. During the negotiations for the Treaty of Paris to end the American Revolutionary War, the French delegate told the English diplomat that the USA "would form the greatest empire in the world." The English diplomat shot back, "Yes sir, and they will all speak English; every one of 'em."

  6. One of the last verifiable surviving veterans of the American Revolutionary War was Lemuel Cook, who died in 1866 at 105. He lived long enough to see the end of the Civil War.

  7. The last surviving veteran of the American Revolutionary War was Lemuel Cook, who died in 1866 at 106 years. He lived long enough to see the end of the Civil War.

  8. Counterfit money printed by the british during the revolutionary war can be detected by its higher quality print than the legitimate bills

  9. George Washington stopped the Revolutionary War to return a lost dog to the enemy. The terrier of a British general was found wandering the battlefield. The US waved a truce flag, and both sides stopped shooting until the dog was successfully returned to the British commander.

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Comparing Las Vegas Shooting to Bloodiest Land Battles of Revolutionary War With Opposition Force Sizes and Total Casualty Numbers

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Sybil Ludington was a heroine of the American Revolutionary War, famous for her night ride on April 26, 1777 to alert American forces to the approach of the British, similar to the ride of Paul Revere. She rode more than twice the distance of Revere, alone, and was 16 years old at the time.

During the Revolutionary War, fife and drum players would wear colors opposite from what their regiment wore in order to be easily distinguished as an unarmed musician. If a continental soldier fighting in the war had a blue coat with red cuffs, a musician would wear a red coat with blue cuffs. - source

Rhode Island fielded a regiment during the Revolutionary war filled with Black soldiers, because they couldn't get enough Whites to sign up. - source

Lafayette, a Frenchman who served as a General in the Revolutionary War, toasted to 'the perpetual union of the United States. It has always saved us in times of storm; one day it will save the world.' In 1917, an American officer gave a speech at his grave in Paris; 'Lafayette, we are here.'

Deborah Sampson who disguised herself as a man to fight in the U.S. Revolutionary War, served in an elite Light Infantry unit and was wounded in battle. After her secret was discovered, she was honorably discharged, but had to fight to receive her veteran's pension. - source

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In 1917, WWI U.S. troops in Paris stopped at the grave (composed of soil from the U.S.) of French Revolutionary War Hero, Marquis de Lafayette, and proclaimed "Lafayette, we are here!"

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Benjamin Franklin's son Will was the Governor of New Jersey, when the Revolutionary War broke out Will sided with the crown and the two never spoke again for the rest of there lives.

70,000 Americans REALLY DID move to Canada because they didn't like the way American politics were heading--15% of Loyalists moved to Canada and other parts of the British empire to protest American victory in the Revolutionary war

A Jewish-American was the prime financier of the rebels in the American Revolutionary War. He died penniless because no one ever repaid him.

American Revolutionary War hero, Polish general Tadeusz Kosciuszko. After the war, before returning to Europe, he left Thomas Jefferson his will, dedicating his pay and estate to buy the freedom of black slaves and educate them for independent life and work. The will was never executed.

The highest mountain in Australia is named after the Polish national hero, Tadeusz Kościuszko, who was also a military leader in the American Revolutionary War, and personal friend of Thomas Jefferson.

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During the American Revolutionary War, Molly Pitcher was so engaged with the cause, that while she was bringing water to her husband at the front, he got killed, she replaced him at the cannons and almost died by an enemy cannonball.

Tadeusz Kosciuszko, a Polish war hero who helped win the American Revolutionary War, left his property in the USA to be sold to educate and free Thomas Jefferson's and other slaves. As executor, Jefferson never acted on the will and no slaves were freed.

Most places in the American South named Lincoln are named for the Revolutionary War general Benjamin Lincoln rather than Abraham Lincoln.

Conrad Heyer (1749-1856) is one of the earliest-born people to ever be captured on a photograph, and is also one of the only Revolutionary War veterans to be photographed; he crossed the Delaware River with George Washington!

William Lee was the only one of George Washington's 124 slaves freed outright in Washington's will citing "his faithful services during the Revolutionary War".

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During the Greek War of Independence, 115 Greek revolutionaries surrounded by 10,000 Ottoman troops managed to kill 300 and wound 800 while suffering just 6 casualties. When the Ottomans paused their attack to get cannons ready, the Greeks escaped through enemy lines undetected.

An American group from Harvard set out to observe the solar eclipse of Oct 27, 1780, with the Revolutionary War in full swing. Though the Brits granted them safe passage (sought in the name of science) into what was enemy territory, they still failed to witness totality due to miscalculations.

During the Revolutionary War in 1782, militia soldiers intercepted a consignment destined for the King of England. It was found to contain over 900 settler's scalps taken by Seneca Indians allied with the British - 29 of which were taken from infants.

A book called "The Last Men of the Revolution" published in 1864, that stands as the only record of its kind, immortalizing Revolutionary War veterans in photographs alongside their tales from the fight for independence.

During the American Revolutionary War, despite opposition from the Continental Congress, George Washington ordered the vaccination of 40,000 soldiers from smallpox, reducing the infection rate from 17% to 1%

When recovering and removing debris from the fallen Twin Towers, excavators found a wooden ship dating back to the revolutionary war era. Some artifacts from this ship can be seen in the 9/11 museum.

American Revolutionary War officer William Stacy escaped death by burning at the stake because he and his captor were both Freemasons. He also ice-skated thirty miles up a frozen river to warn his sons about a possible Native American attack when he was 56 years old.

About Casimir Pulaski, a Polish nobleman who saved the life of George Washington, became a general in the Continental Army, and is considered "the father of the American cavalry". He died leading a daring charge against British forces during American Revolutionary War

During the American Revolutionary War, it is estimated that over twice as many American fighters died from disease (17,000+) as from battle (6,800).

George Washington called a cease fire during the Revolutionary War to return a lost dog that belonged to British General William Howe

The first submarine known to have been used in war. It was called Turtle, and was used (unsuccessfully) during the American Revolutionary War.

The British army had less than 48,000 troops at the onset of the American Revolutionary War, in less than four decades the army grew to more than 250,000 over the course of the Napoleonic Wars.

“The Fighting Butlers” were five sons that participated during the American Revolutionary War. George Washington toasted all five Butler brothers at a victory celebration, and Lafayette once said that if he wanted something done well, he’d ask a Butler to do it.

Conrad Heyer, 1749-1856, was the earliest-born man known to have been photographed. He fought in the U.S. Revolutionary War.

The American Revolutionary War is technically classified as a World War by historians

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