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Following LeBron James' decision to leave Cleveland and join the Miami Heat, the sports memorabilia company Fathead lowered the price of wall graphics depicting James from $99.99 to $17.41: the birth year of infamous American traitor Benedict Arnold

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After LeBron James left Cleveland for Miami in 2010, his posters were marked down and sold for $17.41 in reference to the year the American traitor Benedict Arnold was born.

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  1. The Saratoga battle monument has 4 statue ledges, but only 3 statues. Despite his contributions to the victory, Benedict Arnold’s ledge is left empty due to his later betrayal of the Patriot cause.

  2. In 1777 Benedict Arnold was passed over for a promotion that would have made him a major general. He tried to resign but George Washington wouldn"t allow it.

  3. In 1780, Washington granted Benedict control of West Point. Benedict offered its surrender a month later for what would equal $4.7 million today.

  4. Benedict and Margaret had three boys before she died in 1775, while Benedict was at Fort Ticonderoga.

  5. The Yorktown Campaign was precipitated by British General Benedict Arnold's (formerly an American general) raiding in Virginia in late 1780 and early 1781.

  6. The Culper Ring knew that a high ranking member of the Continental Army was working with British Major John Andre to turn over the West Point Fort to the British, but they did not know that he was Benedict Arnold.

  7. Famous colonists who lived in Pennsylvania included Benjamin Franklin (Founding Father), Thomas McKean (signer of Declaration of Independence and 2nd Governor of Pennsylvania), Robert Morris (Financier of the Revolution), Thomas Paine (invented the phrase "United States of America"), Arthur St. Clair (judge and general), James Wilson (lawyer and signer of Declaration of Independence), and Peggy Shippen (Benedict Arnold's wife).

  8. Benedict Arnold was instrumental in the Patriot's success at the second Battle of Saratoga and in gaining the surrender of John Burgoyne, but he was never recognized for his contribution. This resentment led him to later become an informant for the British, and he was caught after giving key information to a British intelligence chief John Andre. He escaped to Loyalist territory and became brigadier general while John Andre was executed.

  9. About the boot monument - remembering the injured leg of traitor Benedict Arnold because its known as the last loyal part of him

  10. The Stamp Act of 1765 negatively affected trade in the colonies and Benedict began to become involved in the Sons of Liberty to oppose unpopular government acts.

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After the war Benedict moved to London but the British did not trust him either.

The crypt which contains Benedict Arnold's grave is now used as a Kindergarten classroom. - source

Benedict was wounded again after trying to slow the British return to the coast and then returned to Congress to discuss his rank. He was promoted to major general.

Benedict Arnold was impressed by Aaron Burr and sent him to escort General Richard Montgomery to Quebec. He then promoted Aaron to an aide-de-camp and captain.

Benedict Arnold was a decorated patriot and even used his own money to pay for supplies and training for soldiers before he became an infamous traitor. - source

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In 1778 Benedict was appointed as military governor of Philadelphia.

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The first of the two Battles of Saratoga resulted in a small victory of the British General John Burgoyne's forces over those led by Horatio Gates and Benedict Arnold.

In 1767 Benedict and some other men roughed up a man that was going to tell the authorities about his business dealings, and he was fined.

For Cornwallis and the British, the victory gave them momentum to march up the coast through North Carolina and into Virginia. Benedict Arnold joined Cornwallis along the way.

Eggs Benedict isn't British and has nothing to do with Benedict Arnold, it was invented in Manhattan in 1894 by a man called Lemuel Benedict

Because of the Stamp Act Benedict's trade was considered smuggling and he was deeply in debt.

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Benedict was wounded again and had to have part of his leg amputated. He returned to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in May of 1778 and participated in the first recorded Oath of Allegiance.

Benedict's new promotion did not restore his seniority over those who had been promoted before him and he tried to resign again, unsuccessfully.

In 1767 Benedict married Margaret Mansfield, the daughter of a sheriff in New Haven.

The first ship named Enterprise was commanded by the traitor, Benedict Arnold

The Raid of Richmond in January 1781. Just a few months before the end of the war, 1600 troops massacred 200 militiamen and burned Richmond. Considered Benedict Arnold's greatest success under the british, and also one of his most notorious acts.

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Benedict was made a brigadier general in the British Army in 1781, and he later attacked his home colony.

We never discovered the real identity of a female spy from the American Revolution who was instrumental in exposing Benedict Arnold and John Andre as traitors. She was believed to have been part of a prominent Loyalist family, but today she is known solely as Agent 355.

Benedict died on June 14, 1801, and was buried in London, England.

In 1775 Benedict was serving as a colonel in the Continental Army when they attacked Quebec City on New Year's Eve. Benedict was promoted to brigadier general after his leg was shattered.

Smallpox played a crucial role in history, including preventing Christians from crushing Mecca (allowing the spread of Islam) and preventing Benedict Arnold from seizing land in Canada

Benedict married the daughter of a Loyalist sympathizer in 1779, named Peggy Shippen.

Benedict Arnold was told that if we was captured by the Americans whom he had betrayed, his leg would be cut off, buried will full military honors, and the rest of him would be hanged.

Some blamed Benedict's treason to be the result of marrying Peggy. Regardless of who was to blame, he later defected to the British Army, in 1780.

Aaron Burr took part in the 300 mile expedition to Quebec led by Colonel Benedict Arnold, during the American Revolutionary War.

On the American side major commanders and leaders of the Battles of Saratoga included Horatio Gates, Benedict Arnold, Benjamin Lincoln, Enoch Poor, Ebenezer Learned, and Daniel Morgan.

The Boston Massacre took place on March 5, 1770 but Benedict was in the West Indies at the time.

Some notable American Revolutionary leaders who got their starts with the Sons of Liberty were the following: Samuel Adams, Benedict Arnold, John Hancock, Patrick Henry, and Paul Revere.

About the Battle of Quebec (1775). In an effort to have the British Colonies in Canada join the cause of the American Colonies, the Continental Army tried to seize Quebec. The plan failed by a British counter attack that killed General Montgomery & caused Benedict Arnold to be shot in the leg.

Benedict was court-martialed twice in 1779 because of business dealings. He was cleared.

There is a statue to honor Benedict Arnold's foot, which was wounded in battle before he defected to the British.

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