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Conrad Heyer is the earliest born person to be photographed. He was born in 1749 and sat for a photo in 1852 at age 103. He is the only known photographed revolutionary war soldier to have crossed the Delaware with George Washington.

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The earliest born human to be photographed is Conrad Heyer, a revolutionary war veteran who crossed the delaware with George Washington and was born in 1749.

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  1. The man standing behind George Washington and holding the American flag in the famous painting "Washington Crossing the Delaware" is 18-year-old officer and future president James Monroe.

  2. A boy gave General Rahl of the British Army a note from a spy that George Washington was about to cross the Delaware and attack. The general was so immersed in a Chess game that he put the note in his pocket unopened. There it was found when he was mortally wounded in the subsequent battle.

  3. Conrad Heyer (1749-1856) is one of the earliest-born people to ever be captured on a photograph, and is also one of the only Revolutionary War veterans to be photographed; he crossed the Delaware River with George Washington!

  4. In the iconic painting "Washington Crossing the Delaware", the man carrying the flag is Lieutenant James Monroe, who would later become the United States' fifth president.

  5. People wanted to censor Washington Crossing the Delaware because they thought his watch was his penis

  6. Schools in Georgia and Texas altered the painting Washington Crossing the Delaware in textbooks because officials thought it looked like George Washington’s penis was hanging out of his pants. One district spent two weeks painting over the original image by hand in over 2,000 textbooks.

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American grade school administrators have stepped in to alter textbook reproductions of the painting "Washington Crossing the Delaware" because Washington's watch fob was painted too close to his crotch for their comfort, possibly resembling male genitalia.

Before crossing back over the Delaware to engage the British at Princeton, Washington had to ask many of his troops to extend their service, which for many had ended at the end of the year.

Commander Johann Rall was handed a note informing him of George Washington's crossing of the Delaware headed to his location but tucked the note away in his pocket without reading it, returning to his game of chess. Rall died from injuries suffered in battle the next day. - source

"Washington Crossing the Delaware", a 14-line sonnet by David Shulman in which every line is an anagram of the title.

The original painting of "Washington Crossing the Delaware" was destroyed during WWII by an Allied bombing raid in Germany - source

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The original painting of "Washington Crossing the Delaware" was destroyed by a British bombing raid in 1942

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Emanuel Leutze, the artists who painted Washington Crossing the Delaware, was a German-American.

David Shulman composed a sonnet titled "Washington Crossing the Delaware" in which every line is an anagram of the title. The poem follows the sonnet rhyming scheme and actually makes sense as a poem about Washington crossing the Delaware.

Future 5th President James Monroe, took part in Washington's crossing of the Delaware and was servely wounded when an artery was severed. He is immortalized in the John Trumbull painting of the Battle.

The original version of the famous painting, "Washingtong Crossing the Delaware", was destroyed in an Allied bombing raid on Germany in 1942

The earliest-born person to have his picture taken was Revolutionary War veteran Conrad Heyer who crossed the Delaware with General Washington. The picture was taken in 1852 when Conrad was 103.

What did washington say when he crossed the delaware lyrics?

The original painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware was destroyed in a British air raid on Bremen, Germany in 1942, where it was still housed in an art museum.

The troops Gen. George Washington attacked after crossing the Delaware River during the American Revolution were Germans.

About Conrad Heyer (1749-1856), the earliest-born man ever photographed. He fought in the American Revolution and crossed the Delaware with George Washington!

Motorists about to cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge can call the local police communications center to request an acrophobia escort. The escort allows a police officer to drive the motorist in his/her vehicle across the bridge due to their fear of heights.

The painting "Washington Crossing The Delaware" was censored for showing Washington's genitalia

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Conrad Heyer, born 1749, was the earliest born man in history to have been photographed. He crossed the Delaware River with George Washington in 1776.

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