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The last survivor of the Crimean War, which ended in 1856, died in 2004 at the age of 160. She was a female tortoise named Timothy who was a mascot for several British naval vessels during the war.

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In 1854, during the Crimean war, the British hospital in Constantinople was extremely unhygienic. Patients lay in their own excrement, and rodents and bugs scurried past them. More soldiers died of disease than injury. Florence Nightingale fixed this by getting patients to clean the hospital.

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  1. Heinrich Schliemann, who survived a shipwreck as a young boy, made a small fortune off the California gold rush, cornered the market in indigo dye and ammunition constituents in Russia during the Crimean War, was fluent in 14 languages, and excavated the site presumed to be Troy.

  2. The British town of Berwick-upon-Tweed was, due to a bureaucratic error, left out of the Crimean War Peace Treaty between Great Britain and Russia. Upon Berwick's eventual signing of a peace treaty 110 years later, then-Mayor declared: “Tell the Russians they can sleep easy in their beds.”

  3. Timothy the tortoise is UK's oldest resident, and the last survivor of the Crimean War.

  4. About "Crimean Tom", a tabby cat found by British soldiers during the Crimean War in 1855. Struggling with a supply of food, the cat helped British and French soldiers find hidden caches of Russian supplies.

  5. Florence Nightingale's efforts began to become known. When she returned to England at the end of the Crimean War in 1856, Florence was a national heroine.

  6. A major battle of the Crimean War took place in the Sea of Azov which involved British and French allies against the Russians.

  7. While fighting in the Crimean War Leo Tolstoy wrote Boyhood. It was the second book in his trilogy of autobiographies.

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Florence Nightingale often made rounds at night carrying a lamp for light. She became known as "The Lady with the Lamp". She was instrumental in nursing care during the Crimean War and pushed for more sanitary hospital practices.

Undersea telecommunications cables across the Back Sea were laid during Crimean War in 1855. - source

The British army captured 2 bronze cannons from Russia during the Crimean War and 160 years later they still use the gun metal of these cannons to create their most prestigious medal, the Victoria Cross - source

Leo Tolstoy fought in the Crimean War from November 1854 to August 1855.

Although Florence Nightingale is the most famous nurse in history, she served as a nurse for only three years. She spent more time establishing proper patient care and nurse training once she became focused on nursing and after the Crimean War was over.

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His family began in fairly extreme poverty, but his father's factory switched to making weapons for the Crimean War. Unfortunately, it was difficult to maintain this economic stability once the war ended and they switched back to making household goods.

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The Russians once lost a battle in the Crimean War because they misinterpreted a note from Prince Mikhail Gorchakov that said "let's start it". The prince had only meant to tell his troops to prepare. But instead they attacked the French without artillery, cavalry or reserve troops.

The last survivor of the Crimean War (1853) was a turtle named Timothy who lived until her natural death in 2004.

In 1854 the Crimean War began to take its toll on troops and British troops were dying because of lack of supplies and doctors and nurses.

While Florence Nightingale pioneered women in nursing for the Crimean war, she was also racist, declining the applications to join from many coloured women - one of which was Mary Seacole who was even declined in person when she went there herself.

The Commissariat Department, which was responsible for supplying the British army during the Crimean War, sent them a shipment of boots, with all the left boots on one ship and all the right boots on another. One of the ships sank.

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British soldiers were more likely to die in the Crimean war than World War I.

Due to its location in the Crimean region, the Yalta Conference is sometimes referred to as the "Crimean Conference."

The mini ball and the mini rifle were first used in the Crimean War (1853-1856).

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Thomas Cochrane, the inspiration behind the fictional hero Horatio Hornblower. At 79 years old, he was denied a command during the Crimean War as it was feared his ‘adventurous spirit’ could lead him to perform ’some desperate enterprise’ such as storming the Russian naval base at Kronstadt.

In 1859, Russia first offered to sell Alaska to Britain due to its crippling debt from the Crimean War. British Prime Minister Lord Palmerston declined the offer, believing that such acquisition would strain Britain's resources in managing the already wilderness provinces in Canada.

The British Commander Shot Himself Immediately Before His Fleet Was to Initiate a Bombardment of the Russian Defenses at the Siege of Petropavlovsk During the Crimean War

The 'Snowball Riots' in Victorian London - a large crowd gathered in Trafalgar Square and bombarded buses, cabs, pedestrians and police with snowballs to protest the Crimean War

Cigarettes were popularized during the Crimean War, when soldiers would roll Ottoman tobacco in British newspapers

The last veteran of the Crimean War (1853-1856) died in 2004 - a tortoise called Timothy.

TIL during the Crimean War, a British Captain cut off the arm of a Russian soldier during combat, later found him at a POW camp, the Russian called out to him, shook his hand, and laughed with the Captain that had cut his hand off. [13:15 for combat description, 15:30 for reunion]

In response to Florence Nightingale's plea for better conditions for wounded soldiers in the crimean war. Isambard Brunel built a 'modular hospital' which was assembled in 4 months, Brunel completed the design in 6 days.

Timothy the Tortoise was the UK's oldest known resident, so old in fact she served as the mascot to the HMS Queen during the Crimean War.

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