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Salem Poor, a slave who purchased his freedom, and fought in the battle of bunker hill. His actions earned him the praise of 14 officers who called him "a brave and gallant soldier"

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The US and Britain nearly went to war in 1859 because an American farmer shot a pig and then refused to pay for it. The US sent 461 men to "make a Bunker Hill of it" and Britain sent 2,140 men and five warships before President Buchanan calmed everyone the heck down.

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  1. At the Battle of Bunker Hill the American soldier were low on ammunition. To preserve the limited ammunition they were told: "Don"t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!"

  2. The New England Colonies would go on to become the setting for many of the American Revolution's major events including the Battle of Lexington, the Battle of Concord, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and Paul Reveres Ride.

  3. June 17th each year is a legal holiday in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, and Somerville, Middlesex County. It is called Bunker Hill Day.

  4. The major battles of the war included The Battle of Lexington, The Battle of Concord, The Siege of Boston, Battle of Fort Ticonderoga, The Battle of Chelsea Creek, The Battle of Bunker Hill, The Battle of Quebec, The Battle of Sullivan's Island, The Battle of White Plains, The Battle of Fort Washington, The Battle of Trenton, The Battle of Princeton, The Battle of Oriskany, The Battle of Bennington, The Battle of Brandywine, The Battles of Saratoga, The Battle of Germantown, The Battle of Monmouth, The Siege of Savannah, The Siege of Charleston, The Battle of Camden, The Battle of King's Mountain, The Battle of Cowpens, Battle of Guilford Courthouse and The Battle Of Yorkton.

  5. Popular tourist destinations in Boston include the Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall, Boston Common, Fenway Park, Museum of Fine Arts, New England Aquarium, Paul Revere House, Prudential Tower, Bunker Hill Monument, Harvard Museum of Natural History, USS Constitution Museum, Trinity Church, and Boston Harbor.

  6. Although the Americans were defeated at the Battle of Bunker Hill it was an important battle because it signified the onward battle by the Americans in their fight for independence from the British. It proved that Americans were capable of doing battle against the British and encouraged more men to join the Revolutionary War on the American side.

  7. The British soldiers at the Battle of Bunker Hill were led by General William Howe.

  8. The American soldiers were forced to flee as the British continued to advance, despite the number of British soldiers being killed or wounded. The Americans were too short on ammunition to fight the British Army.

  9. Although the British won the Battle of Bunker Hill the British General William Howe was impressed by the redoubt built by the Americans overnight. He is quoted as saying, "The rebels have done more work in one night than my whole army would have done in one month."

  10. The British fired on the Americans for hours but the Americans did not return fire until the British soldiers were close enough to see, due to limited ammunition.

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The Marquis De Lafayette helped set the cornerstone of the Bunker Hill Monument on the 50th anniversary of the battle. Lafayette took dirt from the ceremony so that he could be buried with American soil in France (he originally planned to have soil from all states but the ship carrying it sank)

The British losses at the Battle of Bunker Hill included a total of 226 dead and 828 wounded out of more than 3000 soldiers. This included 19 officer deaths, 207 soldier deaths, 62 officers wounded, and 766 soldiers wounded.

As the American soldiers prepared to attack the night before the battle they tried to fortify their position by building a six-foot-high wall. This type of wall was called a redoubt.

The American losses at the Battle of Bunker Hill included a total of 135 dead and 305 wounded out of approximately 2400 soldiers. This included 115 soldiers killed, 305 soldiers wounded, and 30 captured soldiers (20 of whom died).

Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette is buried in Paris, but covered in soil from Bunker Hill. Lafayette collected his soil while on a grand tour of the United States, he was personally invited by President Monroe, and visited all 24 states. - source

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The Battle of Bunker Hill took place not on Bunker Hill, but on the adjacent Breed Hill

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Marquis de Lafayette, the Frenchman and Founding Father of the American Revolution, is buried in Paris under dirt taken from the famous battle during the revolution at Bunker Hill

During the Kargil War, Yogendra Singh Yadav volunteered to lead the assult to capture bunkers on top of Tiger Hill, a 16,500 foot high cliff. Half way up the climb he was shot 3 times but managed to finish the climb. Take out an enemy bunker so the rest of the platoon could make it up

The American soldiers at the Battle of Bunker Hill were led by Colonel William Prescott.

Marquis de Lafayette is buried in Paris, under soil from Bunker Hill.

As a radioman-gunner, Paul Newman was ordered aboard the USS Bunker Hill before the Battle of Okinawa. His pilot's ear infection kept their plane grounded while the rest of their squadron flew on. The squadron were among those killed from a kamikaze attack

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The Revolutionary War "Battle of Bunker Hill" did not take place on Bunker Hill.

Israel Putnam's (the general who famously said "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes!" at the Battle of Bunker Hill) grave was so visited desecrated by souvenir hunters that in 1888, he was exhumed and placed in an above ground sarcophagus and his headstone moved.

The Bunker Hill Memorial isn't actually on Bunker Hill, but rather Breed's Hill where most of the fighting took place

Nazi sympathizers built Adolf Hitler a bunker in the Hollywood hills

General Marquis de Lafayette of the French army who fought for and alongside the colonials during the revolutionary war was buried with soil from the Battle of Bunker hill, and an American flag flowing over his grave

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William Prescott, notable colonel of the patriot forces during the battle of Bunker Hill, had a grandson named William Hickling Prescott. William would marry the granddaughter of Captain John Linzee, captain of the HMS Falcon, a British ship that fired on the Bunker Hill Patriots

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