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After the civil war ended, the first General of the Confederate Army was active in the Reform Party, which spoke in favor of civil rights and voting for the recently freed slaves.

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Lloyd was also instrumental in raising minimum wage for farmers, licensing of pubs, guaranteed lunches for school children, and pensions for the elderly. These were all part of the "Liberal welfare reforms" of 1906 to 1914, which George and the Liberal Party Championed.

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  1. Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard didn't learn English until age 12 and later in life was active in the Reform Party, which spoke in favor of civil and voting rights for recently freed slaves.

  2. Comedy Central changed the Futurama line "Let's all join the Reform Party" to "Let's all join the Tea Party" in syndication and the re-released DVDs. The original DVDs, the Fox version, the Adult Swim version, and the Netflix version have the original "Reform Party" line.

  3. Although Deng Xiaoping, the man responsible for China's economic reform, was its paramount leader, he never held office as the President, Premier (Government head) or General Secretary (Communist Party leader). However, he was in charge of the Chinese Military.

  4. Back in Havana, Fidel attempted to reform Cuba's government by joining an anti-communist party. The election resulted in a loss, and despite the party's leader Chibas" continued determination, he never won an election. Chibas" eventually killed himself because of his failure to accomplish what he promised the people.

  5. Chinese President Xi Jinping's official title is: Innovative Leader, Center of the Party, Civil Servant who offers happiness, Strategist, Field Marshal who reforms army and national security, Leader of the Great Nation, Chief Designer of modernization in new era

  6. South Korean opposition lawmakers spoke for 192 hours to block an anti-terror bill, setting a new world record for a combined filibuster. It beat a 57-hour, Canadian party filibuster in 2011 and US Senator Strom Thurmond's more than 24-hour filibuster against civil rights reforms in 1957.

  7. In 2000 Donald Trump left the Reform Party because David Duke joined. Trump called Duke a racist and bigot.

  8. In Canada there was a political party called the Canadian Reform Alliance Party, or CRAP.

  9. The ruling political party in Canada (the Conservative Party of Canada) initially named themselves the Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance Party, until someone pointed out to them that their acronym was the Canadian CRAP.

  10. About a 3rd party in the USA that supports a direct popular vote, term limits on Senators, and limited campaign contributions: The Reform Party

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In 2000, Donald Trump named Oprah Winfrey as his ideal running mate for his presidential campaign in the Reform Party

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