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Although Donald Trump has described himself as an "ardent philanthropist," he has only donated $3.7 million to his own foundation. In comparison, a wrestling company has given Trump’s foundation $5 million. He ranks among the least charitable billionaires in the world.

Donald Trump proposed a one-time wealth tax of 14.24% on individuals worth $10 million or more. Trump calculated that this would generate $5.7 trillion in new taxes, which could be used to eliminate the national debt, but understood no conventional politician would ever have the guts to do it.

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  1. Donald Trump tried to sue an author for $5 billion for calling him a millionaire instead of a billionaire.

  2. Frederick Trump, Grandfather of Donald John Trump, had not yet served the mandatory military duty of two years in the Kingdom of Bavaria, fled to the United States and his emigration was illegal.

  3. Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy 4 times yet finds time to host a television show in which he gives other celebrities financial and business advice.

  4. Donald Trump does not drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and does not do drugs. Donald's older brother Fred died because of his addiction to alcohol.

  5. Although Donald Trump has had to file bankruptcy for some of his ventures over the years, he has always managed to rebound and his wealth has continued to grow to an estimated $10 billion or more.

  6. Donald has made substantial donations to NYC over the years including the 25 acre waterfront park on Trump Place.

  7. In 1971 Donald Trump was given control of Elizabeth Trump and Son. In 1999 he changed the name to Trump Enterprises LLC. Later in 1999 he renamed it The Trump Organization.

  8. When Melania met Donald Trump he was on a date with another woman. She wouldn"t give him her phone number and instead took his.

  9. Donald Trump's Trump Tower is the world's tallest residential building at 90 stories.

  10. Just from the television show The Apprentice, Donald Trump has earned over $100 million since 2003 when the show first aired.

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donald trump fact data chart about According to his tax returns, Donald Trump lost $8.4 billion
According to his tax returns, Donald Trump lost $8.4 billion in 11 years

donald trump fact data chart about President Donald Trump's Twitter Approval Rating
President Donald Trump's Twitter Approval Rating

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Donald married Melania Knauss in 2005. They have one child Barron.

Melania is step-mother to four children from Donald Trump's previous marriages. She is onl seven years older than Donald's eldest son Donald Trump, Jr.

Donald considers his father to have been his mentor.

Donald's father's real estate company, where Donald worked as a young man, was called Elizabeth Trump and Son.

Bill and Hillary Clinton were at Melania and Donald Trump's wedding. Later Donald and Hillary ran against each other for the position of President of the United States. Donald won.

Melania has said that she does not always agree with Donald and will tell him so.

In the 1980s Donald Trump focused on building in New York City. During these years he built Trump Tower and Trump Plaza. He also built casinos in Atlantic City.

Melania Trump is actually Donald Trump's third wife. He was married to Ivana Trump and subsequently Marla Maples.

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donald trump fact infographic about Using over 250 interviews and debates, I find no evidence of

Using over 250 interviews and debates, I find no evidence of a decline in Donald Trump's vocabulary between 1980 and 2018. However, he has a notably lower diversity of words than a

donald trump fact infographic about Donald Trump's Most Tweeted Words (May 2009 - June 2017)

Donald Trump's Most Tweeted Words (May 2009 - June 2017)

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Donald Trump married Ivana (Zelnickova Winklmayr) Trump, a 1968 Czech Ski Team Olympic alternate in 1977. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1991. They had three children including Donald, Ivanka, and Eric.

Donald Trump bought the New Jersey Generals, a football team in 1983. The league his team played in folded only a few years later.

Donald married Marla Maples in 1993. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1999. They had one daughter Tiffany.

Ginsburg has recently criticized President Donald Trump, but later apologized for the remarks.

When Melania married Donald Trump in 2005, she wore a John Galliano gown. Their wedding is reported to have cost in the neighbourhood of $1 million.

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