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Members of the Denver Broncos Ring Of Fame, which was established in 1984 to honor members, include Floyd Little, Rich Jackson, Lionel Taylor, Austin Gonsoulin, Gerald H. Phipps, Bill Thompson, Frank Tripucka, Charley Johnson, Paul Smith, Randy Gradishar, Craig Morton, Haven Moses, Jim Turner, John Elway, Louis Wright, Tom Jackson, Karl Mecklenburg, Dennis Smith, Gene Mingo, Rick Upchurch, Dan Reeves, Ton Nalen, Rod Smith, Shannon Sharpe, Terrell Davis, Steve Atwater, and Gary Zimmerman.

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Gary Johnson Or Jill Stein Could Win The US Presidency With Less Than 25% Of The Vote, And 75% To Moron.

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  1. As Gov. of New Mexico, Gary Johnson would once a month meet with any citizen and discuss any issues they wished to.

  2. Libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, supports term limits.

  3. Donald Trump and Gary Johnson (not the ACTUAL guy) were in the same movie.

  4. Penn Jillette on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, And Why He's All in on Gary Johnson - YouTube

  5. Gary Johnson, the 2012 & 2016 Libertarian candidate, owns a publicly traded Marijuana company called "Cannabis Sative, Inc." [0:34]

  6. Gary Johnson dad fought with the 101st airborne division (The one they follow in band of brothers) and was paratrooped into normandy.

  7. In 2012, a white woman approached Big Boi, a member of the hiphop group Outkast, at an airport and congratulated him on "his win last night" (referring to Barack Obama winning re-election), to which Big Boi responded, "Bitch, I voted for Gary Johnson."

  8. Gary Johnson used medicinal marijuana for pain control after being involved in a near-fatal paragliding accident falling over 50ft and suffered multiple bone fractures, including a burst fracture to his twelfth thoracic vertebra, a broken rib, and a broken knee

  9. Gary Johnson is the MAN! Joe Rogan Experience #801 - Gary Johnson

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