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For the past 4 election cycles a man named Vermin Supreme has campaigned on a platform of time travel, zombie based alternative energy, mandatory tooth brushing laws, and a free pony for every American.

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Vermin Supreme. A man who has unsuccessfully ran for president four times. He wears a giant boot on his head and campaigns every term on the promise to make Americans brush their teeth and that he will give every citizen a pony if he is elected.

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  1. I learned a presidential candidate, Vermin Supreme, pledged to offer free ponies for every American, wore a boot on his head and sprinkled "fairy dust" to turn a guy gay.

  2. A man named Vermin Supreme once ran for president and promised everyone in America a free pony if elected.

  3. A man named Vermin Supreme ran for president in 2012 and 2016 and promised a free pony for every American, as "it will create lots and lots of jobs".

  4. In 2011, Democratic Presidential Candidate Vermin Supreme promised free ponies for all Americans. His Federal Pony Identification Program would require all citizens to have their pony with them at all times.

  5. Vermin Supreme, a perennial presidential candidate who you probably won't vote for

  6. Vermin Supreme - an activist who runs for local/state/national offices on a platform of free ponies, mandatory tooth brushing laws, and utilizing zombies as an alternative energy source.

  7. There is a candidate for president in New Hampshire named Vermin Supreme. He has a platform of free ponies, a zombie-based energy plan, time travel research, and mandatory tooth brushing, claiming the country's salivation is at stake.

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I learned that in addition to free ponies, Vermin Supreme is offering to solve poverty, crime, pollution, loneliness, disease, inequality, human farming, brain-eating, marauding mutants, psychic mind control and systematic cannibalism!

Presidential candidate Vermin Supreme was not invited to the Lesser-Known Democratic Candidates Presidential Forum because he glitterbombed Randall Terry at the event in 2011. - source

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