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About John Scott, a pro hockey player who got voted by the people (as a joke) to be the captain of the All Star team. The NHL didn't want him to play, so he got sent to the Minor Leagues. There wasn't a rule against a minor leaguer playing in it though, so he played, scored twice and won MVP.

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In 1948 Canada wasn't going to sent a Hockey team to the Olympics, so the Royal Canadian Air Force sent some servicemen to represent the country, and they won Gold.

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  1. Egypt has an ice hockey team, and one of the coolest emblems ever: a Pharaoh's death mask merged with a traditional goalie mask

  2. The NHL was started because five of the six team owners in the National Hockey Association didn’t like the sixth guy and wanted to start a league without him.

  3. No American ice hockey team has won gold at the Olympics without a player from Warroad, MN, population 1,781

  4. No U.S. Hockey Olympic Men's team has won a gold medal without a player from Warroad, MN on the roster. A town of 1,700.

  5. Rhode Island School of Design's hockey team is called the Nads, their cheer is Go Nads, and their mascot is a giant penis with testicles.

  6. After the entire national Soviet hockey team was killed in a plane crash in 1950. Stalin's son Vasily, who managed the team, covered up the disaster and replaced all the players to avoid his Fathers wrath. Stalin never noticed.

  7. The Canadian women's national hockey team is 43-24-1 all-time vs the US women's team. Against the rest of the world they are 120-1.

  8. Professional hockey player Luke Piggott made a huge breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer, when he discovered how to kill breast cancer stem cells. He trains every morning with his team and then heads straight to the lab to conduct his cancer research.

  9. Statistical analysis of hockey fights confirmed what coaches have long believed, that sending a player out to fight can significantly shift momentum in a game. Researcher Terry Appleby found that 76% of fights resulted in a 'momentum surge' for one team and 23% ended in a surge for both teams.

  10. After a plane crash that wiped out almost the entire Russian National Hockey team in 1950, Stalin's son feared his fathers reaction and recruited new team in one day and his father did not even notice

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Points per Game breakdown of every guy that's played on my hockey team

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Growth in ranking, points and goals scored/against for a hockey team during a season

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The Slovakian women's hockey team qualified for the 2010 Olympics by beating Bulgaria 82-0, and then lost to team Canada in Vancouver 18-0

The Stanley cup can only have five large rings with winning team names/members. When the cup is fully engraved, the oldest ring is removed and sent to the Hockey Hall of Fame, and a new one is installed. - source

An ice hockey team composed entirely of Icelandic players that were rejected by other teams because of their ethnicity went on to win Canada's first ever Olympic gold medal in ice hockey - source

The mascot for the Rhode Island School of Design is a penis named "Scrotie" who supports their hockey team, "The Nads," and their basketball team, "The Balls," with the slogan "When the heat is on, the Balls stick together."

Vasily Stalin, son of Joseph Stalin and President of the USSR Air Force ice hockey team in 1950 when most of its members died in a snowstorm plane crash. Worried that his father would be angry, he concealed the crash and quickly replaced the deceased players. - source

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About two men who became legends during Vancouver Canucks hockey games by sitting next to the opposing team’s penalty box and taunting them while dressed in green suits.

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An entire Belfast based Ice Hockey team quit after being bought by a sex offender.

In preparing for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, the Canadian women's hockey team (who are the best women's hockey team in the world) practiced in the Alberta AAA Midget league (15-16 year old boys). They finished dead last.

In 1957, Sweden's national ice hockey team sang a drinking song when they won the world championship because some of the players didn't know the words to the national anthem.

Mr. Rogers has a hockey card and is one of the only celebrity captains of a team to receive this honor.

Gum Was So Rare in Soviet Russian That a Visiting Hockey Team Started 21 Fatality Stampede When They Handed Out Free Gum

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The Slovakian Women's Hockey team beat Bulgaria 82-0, and averaged 1 goal every 44 seconds.

The record for most points in a single game is held by Darryl Sittler. He had 10 points in a game in 1976 between his team, the Leafs, and the Bruins. The Leafs won. Maurice ‘Rocket" Richard previously set the record with eight points.

The names of twelve women appear on the Stanley Cup. They were either team executives or owners.

Detroit is the only city in the US that has housed a baseball, basketball, football, and hockey team for over 50 years without any of them leaving.

In the years after his death, Louis was honored with postage stamps, in movies, and had the Detroit Red Wings hockey team's arena named in his honor.

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USA's Olympic Women's Hockey Team Lost to a New England Highschool Team. The Score was 6-3.

The South African Women's Field Hockey team successfully qualified for the 2016 Games by winning the African Championships but were forbidden from attending by their own country's Olympic Committee, arguing the team did not rank in the Top 6 of the World League and thus did not deserve to attend

The team to win the most Stanley Cups in the league's history is the Montreal Canadiens.

1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team goalie Jim Craig is one of Dave Grohl's personal heroes. After the team beat Russia, he found the phone numbers of all the Jim Craigs in that area, phoned them up and congratulated them.

Had it not been for hockey and the NHL, none of us would be using MP3s today. The NHL was the first major customer of MP3 technology, saving the team that developed it from being shut down

During the 1980 Olympics, the Soviet National Hockey team's dorms were so bad, the facility was later converted into a prison.

The Danbury Trashers, a minor league hockey team bought by a waste disposal magnate with mob ties. His 17 year old son was team president and GM and the team set records for penalty minutes and averaged 3 fights a game.

Canada's women's hockey team have lost only 10 games in all Olympics and World Championships, and have an international record of 249–43–5 (W-L-T).

The 2014 Women's US Olympic Ice Hockey team played 4 Highschool Varsity Boys Ice Hockey teams in preparation for the Sochi Olympics... and they went 2-2.

The first goalie to score a goal in the other team's net was goalie Ron Hextall of the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Montreal Canadiens are the longest continuously operating professional ice hockey team and the only existing NHL club to predate the founding of the NHL

The Boston Bruins were the first ice hockey team (NHL) to pull the goalie for an extra attacker.

Two Norwegian hockey teams broke the record for the longest professional hockey match, playing 8 rounds of overtime in the play-offs of the Norwegian hockey league. The game lasted an exhausting eight hours.

The Song Amarillo by The Gorillaz, was written in Amarillo, Tx, which had a local hockey team called the Amarillo Gorillas.

Orlando, Florida has a professional ice hockey team named the Solar Bears.

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