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In their 2002 World Cup qualifying match against Australia, American Samoa had 19 players out because of passport issues and the under-20 team replacements unavailable due to school exams. As a result they only fielded one regular player and lost 31-0.

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A World Cup qualifying match between Chile and Brazil was canceled after an opposing fan hit the Chilean goalkeeper with a flare. Photos later proved that the flare never touched him; he faked the injury with a hidden razor blade.

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  1. The 1994 Caribbean Cup Qualifiers. A rules change meant to eliminate draws from soccer eventually lead to a match in which Barbados had to defend both(!) goals while Grenada tried to score in either in order to advance.

  2. In order to qualify for the UEFA Euro '84, Spain had to score 11 goals in their next match to beat the Netherlands. They scored 12.

  3. In 1973 the Chilean National Stadium was used as a Prison Camp for Political Prisoners. When the USSR protested playing a qualifying match in it, FIFA inspected and approved the stadium for the match. The USSR refused to play and failed to qualify for the World Cup after losing the match 1-0.

  4. The German director Uwe Boll challenged five harsh critics each to a 10-round boxing match. To qualify, critics had to have written two extremely negative reviews of Boll. He won every match.

  5. During the 1994 Caribbean Cup qualifiers, teams were trying to score own goals to win the match

  6. 3 weeks after the 1970 World Cup qualifying match between Honduras and El Salvador, a war sparked between the two countries which is nicknamed as the "Football War". The actual war lasted for 4 days (~100 hours) which is why it is sometimes called as the "100 Hour War".

  7. During a 2008 Euros qualifier between Belgium and Finaland in Helsinki, a Eurasian Eagle-owl flew into the stadium and caused the game to be halted for 6 minutes. Finnish team went ahead to win the match and adopted the owl nicknamed Bubi as its unofficial mascot.

  8. Chilean goalkeeper Roberto Rojas injured himself on a 1990 WC qualifier match against Brazil in a plot to suspend the match and/or punish the Brazilian team. FIFA later ruled against Chile banning the player for life and the team from the cup.

  9. About the Football War - the 100 hour war between El Salvador and Honduras and existing tensions between the two countries increased after a particular match World Cup qualifiers match in 1970

  10. The world record for the largest victory in an international soccer match was set in 2001, when Australia beat American Samoa 31-0 in a World Cup qualifier.

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The 'Football War'(La Guerra del Futbol) was fought by Central American countries El Salvador and Honduras in 1969. A regular war broke out after two teams played the last qualifying match for Worldcup 1970.

In 1969 there was a war between El Salvador and Honduras lasting 4 days that erupted during a Football match (World Cup qualifier). - source

The world record for the largest margin of victory in soccer is 31 in a 31-0 match between Australia and American Samoa in a qualifier for the 2002 World Cup. Australia's Archie Thompson also set the record for most goals scored in an international match with 13

A football match scheduled for 9 October 1996 in World Cup qualifying European Group 4 between Estonia and Scotland was abandoned after three seconds because the Estonian team were absent from the Kadrioru Stadium due to a dispute over its floodlights. - source

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The largest margin of victory in an international football match was in a 2002 World Cup qualifier: Australia 31–0 American Samoa

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