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Baseball managers sometimes yell nonsense at umpires (e.g. "I had bad wine at an Italian restaurant") in order to invigorate their teams while preventing themselves from being ejected.

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The Padres baseball team has kept a handicapped player on the team for over 20 years so he doesn't lose health insurance.

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  1. Joan Kroc, wife of McDonald's founder Ray Kroc, donated over $1 billion to the Salvation Army. At one point, she tried to donate the Padres baseball team to San Diego, but the MLB rules forbid public ownership.

  2. The knuckleball is so rare in baseball that pitchers who use it share tips and suggestions even if on competing teams, because they have no others on their own teams to discuss the pitch with.

  3. The Chicago Cubs were the first baseball team to win back-to-back World Series; and haven't won since

  4. Back to The Future Part II correctly predicted the widespread use of wall mounted flat screen TVs, routine plastic surgery, handheld computer devices, a baseball team in Florida, hands free gaming, and the popularity of 3D movies in 2015.

  5. Until just recently, Nintendo of America had complete ownership of the Seattle Mariners baseball team.

  6. The Hanwha Eagles, a South Korean baseball team, has robot fans. These robot fans are controlled by real fans who can't attend the game. The bots can cheer, chant, and do the wave.

  7. In 1925 an all-black baseball team in Wichita, Kansas played an exhibition against a local KKK Klavern, with Irish Catholics serving as umpires. The black team won 10-8.

  8. Baseball has a rule which says players cannot fraternize with the other team while in uniform.

  9. In 1974, the Cleveland Indians (a Major League Baseball Team), hosted a "Ten Cent Beer Night", without a limit to the number of purchases. A beer-fueled riot in the ninth inning forced the game to be forfeited, and victory given to the visiting team, the Texas Rangers.

  10. Kathryn Johnston became the first girl to play Little League baseball in 1950, when she tucked her hair under her hat, adopted the nickname "Tubby", and joined the Kings Dairy team, posing as a boy. When she told her coach she was a girl, he said "That's O.K., you're a darned good player."

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Major League Baseball Payroll by Team

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"I've ALWAYS been a fan." Spikes in searches for "[team name] hat" spike after baseball teams win championships, especially for the Red Sox and Cubs.

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Baseball player Bill Bergen was an awful batter who hit .170 for his entire 11-year career and at one point went 46 at-bats without a hit, but teams kept him around because he was such a good catcher.

The Albuquerque minor league baseball team changed their name to the Albuquerque Isotopes after the Simpsons episode, "Hungry Hungry Homer" in which Homer prevents the Springfield Isotopes plan to move to Albuquerque with a hunger strike. - source

An 87-year old Grandmother didn't want to sell nor leave her 100-year old house so MLB baseball team owner could build a parking structure. The team owner offered to buy her a new house anywhere & financially support her for the rest of her life; which ended up being 6 weeks. - source

About Joel Youngblood, the only Major League Baseball player to get hits for two teams on the same day. As a member of the Mets, he played an afternoon game against the Cubs. After the game, he was traded to the Expos, which played that night against the Phillies in Philadelphia.

Back in 1845, baseball was played until both teams had a combined score of 21. - source

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In 1900s there was a death row inmates baseball team and their executions were dependent on their performance.

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In 1914 there was an all Chinese baseball team that would tour America playing baseball. Their record for 1914 was 96 wins 61 lost and 4 tied

Hiroshi Yamauchi, the third president of Nintendo, bought the Seattle Mariners baseball team in the early 1990s despite never having seen a game of baseball. He never attended a single game before his death in 2013.

The Chicago Cubs and the Atlanta Braves are the two oldest teams in major league baseball, both having been founded the same year as the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

The Dodgers baseball team got their nickname from people in Brooklyn failing to "dodge" the new fast electric trolleys and getting maimed and killed instead.

In 1944 a 3-way baseball game was played to raise war bonds for WWII. It required a mathematician to help structure and scorekeep. In an inning a team would field once and bat twice, with each team playing six innings.

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If your baseball team isn't doing well, it's time to be concerned

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Major league Baseball Team Attendance in 2019

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Lizzy Murphy known as "The Queen of Baseball",was the first woman to play professional baseball, competing with male athletes in 1922. She played baseball for 17 yrs as a first baseman; she also played on several all-star teams and was the first person of either sex to play on both AL & NL teams

A young man tried out for the Seattle Mariners Major League Baseball team. He was hit by a stray round from an AK-47 before he was officially signed, effectively killing his dream of becoming a baseball player. That young man went on to become world-famous reggaeton MC Daddy Yankee

The Hanshin Tigers baseball team of Japan is believed to be cursed by KFC founder Colonel Sanders for throwing his storefront statue into the river by Hanshin fans while celebrating their team’s victory in 1985

Homer Simpson was inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. This was celebrate the 25th anniversary of a Season 2 episode of The Simpsons when 9 MLB players cameoed for Mr Burns softball team back in season 2, 1991.

Longtime Nintendo president and owner Heroshi Yamauchi also owned the Seattle Mariners baseball team for over 20 years but never went to a game.

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Many of the national sports teams of New Zealand have nicknames that are base off of their Rugby team, the All Blacks. Some of these team names include the DiamondBlacks (baseball), IronBlacks (football), Tall Blacks (basketball) and Black Cocks (Badminton).

The first game that the Toronto Blue Jays played, in 1977, they won. It was also player Al Woods debut, and he hit a home run the very first time he stepped up to bat for the team.

Yankees Stadium has flags for every baseball team in the MLB around the perimeter ordered by their standings in the division; their placement is changed each time the standings change.

Tampa Bay Rays scout Fernando Arango urged his team to draft Albert Pujols as he fell through the rounds in the 1999 MLB draft. He quit his job when the team failed to draft the slugger...who was then picked by St. Louis in the 13th round and became the best hitter in baseball for a decade.

Jackie attended John Muir High School along with Ted Williams and Bob Lemons, both fellow future Baseball Hall of Famers. In high school all three played on the Pemona Annual Baseball Tournament All-Star Team.

Although soccer/football is the most popular team sport in Guanajuato, the state is represented by the Bravos in Mexico's top professional baseball league.

The 'Curse of the Colonel' caused when Japanese baseball fans threw a statue of Colonel Sanders from a KFC into a river. Fans believe Sanders' ghost placed a curse on the team which caused an 18 year losing streak for the team and prevents their team from winning the Japan Series

Detroit is the only city in the US that has housed a baseball, basketball, football, and hockey team for over 50 years without any of them leaving.

The Albuquerque Isotopes, a minor league baseball team, are named after the Springfield Isotopes from the Simpsons. In one episode they considered moving to Albuquerque.

Billie Jean's younger brother, Randy Moffit, played baseball in the Major Leagues for several different teams over a twelve year span in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield was drafted by four professional teams in three different sports.

On September 1st, 1964 Masanori Murakami became the first Japanese player to play for a Major League Baseball team

There is an amateur baseball team in Macon, GA whos mascot is Bacon... The Macon Bacon.

Baseball is a bat and ball game. Two teams with nine team members take turns on the field and try to score the most runs.

Mud from southern New Jersey is rubbed on every baseball used by Major League teams to make them less slippery. The process takes 45 minutes. An incident in which a hit batsman died in 1920 led to research into making the balls less slippery.

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