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The band Fall Out Boy apologized to college football fans after ESPN played their song "Centuries" 45 times during all three games of the 2014 College Football Playoffs.

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A guy once tested Major League Baseball's copyright disclaimer by asking for "expressed written consent" to show an old playoff game at a party. MLB Headquarters responded with a letter granting him permission.

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  1. The term "Hail Mary" became widespread after a December 28, 1975 NFL playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vickings, when Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach said about his game-winning touchdown pass to wide receiver Drew Pearson, "I closed my eyes and said a hail mary."

  2. A plane once crashed into the upper section of an NFL Stadium shortly after a playoff game between the Baltimore Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers. Fortunately the score was 40-14 and most fans had left before the game ended.

  3. All Chicago Cubs playoff games are scheduled at 7:08pm or 19:08 in military time, and this is because 1908 was the last year the Cubs won the world series.

  4. A suburban Chicago high school football coach staged a fake shooting where he was shot to motivate his team before their semifinal playoff game.

  5. An NFL season consist of four weeks of pre-season, seventeen weeks of regular season, and single elimination playoff season between 12 teams. The championship game is the Super Bowl.

  6. Each team in the NFL plays 16 games, and has one week off. At the end of the 16 games, the top six teams advances into the playoffs.

  7. Vietnam POW's recieved a lifetime pass to any Major Leauge Baseball game minus the playoffs.

  8. Wilt Chamberlain played professional basketball at the age of 16 under the identity “George Marcus”. Playing for the Quakertown Fays, he averaged nearly 54 points per game and an astounding 74 point average in the playoffs. It was kept quiet as to not get in trouble with the NCAA.

  9. There was an NFL playoff game where the fog was so thick that the players couldn't even see the sidelines, and the fans couldn't see the field. The refs had to announce what happened after every play.

  10. The playoff beard tradition began when several NY Islander players grew theirs out at playoff time, then winning 19 straight playoff series games

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2019 NFL Playoffs, as told by in-game win probabilities

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In 2001 a blimp was promoting the XFL over an NFL playoff game in Oakland, Ca. The pilots lost control and evacuated the blimp. It ended up traveling 5 miles away and landed onto an Oyster restaurant.

In 1974, Chicago Bulls mascot Benny the Bull charged the court, made obscene gestures to the refs, and was ejected during game 3 of the 1974 NBA Playoffs. He is believed to be the first mascot ever ejected in NBA history. - source

A professional hockey team had their stadium booked by a Peter Pan production so they had to play their playoff games at a public rink in a shopping center. Its known as "The Peter Pan" incident - source

The first NFL playoff/ championship game was played in a hockey arena.

Richard Nixon hated the NFL blackout rule so much that he promised NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle that he would veto any legislation to ease it in exchange for broadcasting the Redskins playoff game, which was blacked out even though it sold out - source

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Goalie Normie Smith lost 12lbs making 92 saves in an NHL playoff game

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Tom Brady has played in more Super Bowls than he has road playoff games (9 Super Bowls vs 8 Road playoff games)

Ron Garretson, a 31-year NBA referee, who is also the son of also former NBA referee Darrell Garretson. He has refereed 1,845 regular season games, 234 playoff games, and 6 NBA Finals.

Vince Wilfork helped a trapped driver in an overturned car on the way home after a New England Patriots' playoff game

Brett Favre almost killed John Madden by playing a practical joke on him before a 1998 playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers, a game most 49ers fans remember for the "Catch II."

The Detroit Red Wings haven't missed the playoffs since 1991, and the Detroit Lions haven't won a playoff game since....1991.

When was the last time the cowboys won a playoff game?

The longest NHL playoff game was Detroit Red Wings (1) v Montreal Maroons (0) with 6 overtimes totaling 116:30

In 1985 Blue Jays had their first ever sudden death playoff game and lost to the Kansas City Royals. 30yrs later yesterday the Blue Jays had their second sudden death game and beat Texas. They will go on to meet Kansas next for their revenge. Here is the blast by Bautista that changed history!

Dan Marino's last game was a 62-7 playoff loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The first NFL playoff game was played indoors at the Chicago Stadium. Heavy snow and extreme cold forced the game to be played inside on a field that was smaller than a regulation field and was covered in mulch instead of grass.

Crowds at some American football games have caused small earthquakes. Examples are 2013 Alabama-Auburn ("Kick Six"), 1988 Auburn-LSU, and a 2011 Seahawks-Saints playoff game.

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After losing Game 7 in the playoffs, hockey player Brooks Laich helped a couple of his team's fans change their flat tire and apologized for the team's loss.

When Sean Avery started distracting goalkeeper Martin Brodeur during the first round playoff game against the New Jersey Devils on April 13, 2008. The NHL issued an unsportsmanlike conduct rule to be imposed on any player attempting this same strategy the next day.

Mia Khalifa ruptured a breast implant after getting hit by an errant puck during a 2018 Washington Capitals playoff game

Disgraced ex-referee Tim Donaghy alleged as much Tuesday in a filing made by his attorney in U.S. District Court in New York, saying the highly controversial Game 6 of the Lakers-Kings playoff series in 2002 was impacted by the actions of two of the three referees who worked the game

The wave was created by "Krazy" George Henderson on October 15, 1981 at the televised A's/Yankees playoff game in Oakland.

Kobe was the supposed to play Jesus in the movie "He Got Game" but after a poor showing in the playoffs his rookie year, he decided to dedicate his summer to training.

The GB Packers and NY Giants have met in the NFL playoffs seven times, and every single time the winner of each game went on to win the NFL Championship or Super Bowl.

For the 1960 to 1969 seasons, the NFL held the Playoff Bowl to determine the 3rd place football team, usually the week after the NFL Championship Game/Super Bowl. Many players considered it a "fluff" meaningless game and coach Vince Lombardi actively hated it, calling it the "Shit Bowl".

The NFL did not hold any playoff games for their first 12 seasons. Champions were decided by either an owners' vote (1920-1923) or by best regular season record (1924-1931).

Tonight is Derek Jeter's first game in which the Yankees have been eliminated from the playoffs.

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