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About Jack Trice. He was the second black college football player. Before his first game, he wrote about how proud he was to have the opportunity. He was intentionally targeted throughout the game, breaking his collarbone and causing internal bleeding, which in turn caused his death.

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In 2003 a high school football player set a new record for career passing yardage; he later found out that both teams' coaches had conspired in his last game to ensure he'd beat the record, and he requested that the yardage from that game be expunged from his record, relinquishing the record

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  1. The NFL uses tracking chips embedded in players shoulder pads to record a players every move on the field. They are also located inside footballs to track: velocity, rotation ,ball speed and location.

  2. In 1934, Gerald Ford threatened to not play for the Michigan football team because the school would not let his teammate Willis Ward, who was black, play against Georgia Tech, which refused to share the field with a black player. Ward talked Ford out of it and Michigan won.

  3. Cristiano Ronaldo funded the education of a 7 y.o. survivor of the horrific 2004 tsunami in Indonesia. The boy was found 21 days after the disaster, alone and wearing a Portuguese national football team jersey. The boy grew up to be a football player and was signed by Sporting Lisbon last year

  4. When college football teams traveled by train, Auburn students would literally grease the local stations tracks before Georgia Tech games, causing the train to overshoot the station and forcing the Tech players to carry their luggage for miles.

  5. Cristiano Ronaldo funded the education of a 7 Y.O survivor of the horrific 2004 tsunami in Indonesia. The boy was found 21 days after the disaster, alone and wearing a Portuguese national football team jersey. The boy grew up to be a football player and was signed by Sporting Lisbon last year

  6. NFL defensive tackle Amobi Okoye is the youngest player ever to play in the NFL. After testing into 9th grade at 12 and graduating at 16, he chose to play NCAA football at Louisville (though he was accepted to Harvard) before graduating early and being drafted by the Texans at the age of 19.

  7. On average 12 high school and college football players die each year during practices and games.

  8. In the 1980s the Russian medical staff of the Algerian football team gave the players performance-enhancing drugs while playing for their country, without their knowledge or consent. Years later, the children of many players suffer from disabilities and mental health problems.

  9. Teddy Roosevelt helped save American Football by urging rules changes to make the game safer after 19 players died during the 1905 season.

  10. In 1962, Johnny Carson found out his wife had a secret apartment. He broke into the place with a gun and found football player Frank Gifford's framed photos. Getting sad, he drank all night and joked "That guy plays three positions on the field. I could never get Joanne to go for more than two."

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The 1905 football season was so dangerous that 18 players died, prompting Teddy Roosevelt to form a committee that ended up legalizing the forward pass.

Out of 1.086 million high school football players, only 70,147 begin a college football career, out of which only 6500 get scouted by the NFL, 350 get invited to the combine, 256 get drafted and only 150 (0.01%) last at least four years in the NFL. - source

Four college football players entered a store in New Jersey that was closed but left unlocked. Security footage shows them leave money on counter for items they wanted. - source

Byron White was a former star football player who became a Supreme Court Justice. He ruled in the case of Runyon v. McCrary in which a black student was rejected by a private school. That student, Michael McCrary would later become a NFL Linebacker and won the Byron White NFL Award in 2000.

In 1932, a football player for Mesa High School was accidentally killed by a shotgun blast to the chest. As he neared death he said, "Tell coach and the boys to carry on." Students began repeating the theme "Carry On" to one another, eventually becoming the school's official motto. - source

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The term "student-athlete" was crafted by the NCAA in order to avoid paying workers' comp after a football player died from a head injury.

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In a 1993 episode of Seinfeld, Elaine was dating a guy who shared a named with serial killer Joel Rifkin. She suggested to him that he change his name to O.J. like the football player. The following year O.J. was charged with double murder.

In former US President Gerald Ford's senior year as a football player at the University of Michigan, when Georgia Tech refused to play if a black player named Willis Ward (and Ford's best friend on the team) took the field, Ford threatened to quit the team in response

Rocky Bleier, an NFL football player with the Pittsburgh Steelers who was drafted into the US Army and served in Vietnam. Badly wounded in a leg and foot by a grenade, he needed four years to return to the team's roster, but became a star and helped the Steelers win four Super Bowls.

American football player Chad Johnson loves playing FIFA 16 and has flown to the houses of people who trash talk him on Twitter to beat them.

The most popular sport in Ireland (gaelic football) is a completely amateur sport. The players play in front of 80,000 people and don't get paid.

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Parity in college football is getting analysis of why allowing players to be paid isn't going to suddenly make college football less competitive

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All American Football Players - Which college provided the most players

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Brian Banks, a star football player with a promising NFL career, who was sent to prison at 17 after being accused of sexual violence. After serving 5 years in prison, the woman confessed she made it up. Although he was acquitted, his dream NFL career never happened and she never served time.

In order to increase the team's morale, the South Korean Men's National Football team, during the World Cup, got to meet the top Starcraft players, who the footballers revered as their heroes.

Almost every year the players of the Eritrean National Football team run away en masse when out of the country for games. In the past 6 years more than 50 players have fled. Despite this, Eritrean soccer officials continue to rebuild the team every year.

USC football player Marion Morrison, an early California bodysurfer, tore ligaments in his shoulder while riding the surf near Balboa Pier in 1926. Finished with organized sports, Morrison made his way to Hollywood and was renamed John Wayne.

A small town in England has hosted a mob 'football' game annually for over 800 years. There is only one rule: Players are not allowed to kill one another.

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Former NFL player Dave Duerson killed himself, though he chose to shoot himself in the chest, and left a note specifically requesting his brain be used for research into a neurodegenerative disease (CTE) which can be caused by playing football. Researchers did later confirm he had the disease.

In 1934, Georgia Tech's football team refused to play against Michigan if a black player named Willis Ward took the field. One of Ward's friends and fellow players was then-future president Gerald Ford, who threatened to quit if Ward was benched.

52% of retired NFL players used prescription painkillers during football games, 3/4ths of that said they abused them. 63% said the pills came from a non-medical source.

In 1931 when President Ronald Reagan played on the football team for Eureka College, took in two rival team black players in his personal home, who were denied admission into a hotel when they were going to play against Eureka. He remained friends with one of the men until they died in 1981

The huddle in American football was invented by a team of deaf players to hide their sign language from opposing teams

Football player Jakub Błaszczykowski's father stabbed his mother to death when he was 10 year old and he now dedicates all goals to her.

In 2004 a football player got his wedding ring caught on a metal fence while celebrating a goal, ripping his finger off. He was then penalized with a yellow card for wasting time when officials were searching for his finger.

During Prohibition, federal agents Izzy Einstein and Moe Smith disguised themselves as grave-diggers, football players, Russian women, rabbis, judges, and plumbers (among many others). Together, they seized more than 5 million bottles of illicit booze and made 4,932 arrests.

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, NFL player on the Kansas City Chiefs, continues to study medicine while still playing professional football.

College football player Jake Butt won the "Tight End of the Year" award 2 years back to back.

The Brazilian football player Sócrates, was a doctor of medicine, a degree he earned concurrently playing professional football. He was also noted for being an intellectual, a heavy drinker and a smoker.

Ahn Jung-Hwan, a Korean soccer player who scored an extra-time header against Italy to send South Korea to the quarter-finals of the 2002 World Cup. The next day, his contract with Italian team Perugia was cancelled because he "ruined Italian football".

In 1994, Andres Escobar, a colombian soccer player , was killed for scoring a goal by mistake to his own team in the football World Cup of that year. The murder was only ten days after the mistake.

All "football" sports are so called not because the players have to kick the ball, but because they were played on foot by the peasantry, rather than on horseback, like all "proper" aristocrat sports.

Uday Hussein, son of Saddam Hussein oversaw the imprisonment and torture of Iraqi athletes who were deemed not to have performed to expectations. In one case, imprisoned football players were forced to kick a concrete ball after failing to reach the 1994 FIFA World Cup finals.

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