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Presidential candidate 'Deez Nuts'. He is currently polling third in North Carolina, and has an approval rating of double digits in multiple States.

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Deez Nuts", an Independent presidential candidate, was polling at 9% in North Carolina after launching his bid in August.

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  1. Someone named "Deez Nuts" registered to run for president in 2015

  2. Brady C. Olson, although ineligible, ran in the 2016 US presidential election as a practical joke under the candidate name of "Deez Nuts"

  3. Deez Nuts is a Australian hardcore punk rock band

  4. Harambe and Deez nuts are ahead in the Texas polls.

  5. 15 year old farm boy Brady Olson, (aka "Deez Nut") who has a popular YouTube Channel is polling well in 3 states for the Presidential Election and is leading the Independent Party in North Carolina.

  6. Presidential Candidate Deez Nuts is a 15 year-old kid

  7. There is a candidate legally named "Deez Nuts" running in the Presidential election of 2016, and he's actually doing well in the polls.

  8. A man legally changed his name to "Deez Nuts" and is running for president.

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