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A Scottish parliamentarian introduced a bill to decriminalize homosexuality in England after his gay brother killed himself. It passed. He wrote another bill to protect badgers. It failed. When asked why the latter didn’t pass, he snorted “There are not many badgers in the House of Lords.”

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There is a position in the House of Lords called Black Rod. Their job is to summon the House of Commons and have a door slammed in their face, showing the people's power over the monarchy.

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  1. The back of the tin for Boston Harbour Tea carries this lament: "This Tea is from the same London blending House which in the Year of Our Lord 1773 had the Misfortune to suffer a Grievous Wrong in that certain Persons did Place a quantity of its Finest Produce in Boston Harbour."

  2. When asked why he thought the 1967 bill decriminalising homosexuality in the UK passed but his bill protecting badgers didn't, the Earl of Arran said "There are not many badgers in the House of Lords."

  3. Britian is the only country - other than Iran - to have unelected clerics automatically sitting in the legislature (House of Lords)

  4. The concept of the "mile high club" dates back to at least 1785, in which a wager took place involving a British member of the House of Lords having sexual intercourse in a hot air balloon "one thousand yards from the Earth."

  5. The Colombian government allowed the drug lord Pablo Escobar to have a prison built to his specifications and to choose his own guards; the prison ended up featuring a soccer field, a giant doll house, a bar, jacuzzi, and a waterfall.

  6. King James I saw a letter that had been written to Lord Monteagle, warning him to avoid the House of Parliament on November 5th. Lord Monteagle was a friend of one of the Gunpowder Plot conspirators. This letter gave the plot away.

  7. He was knighted for his accomplishments in 1892 and became the first scientist to be elevated to the House of Lords.

  8. Cornwallis served in the Parliament during the 1760s in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. He voted against the Stamp Act in 1765.

  9. The Fat Controller (Sir Topham Hatt), from Thomas the Tank Engine series, is not a lord or a knight, but a baronet. He's entitled to the name "Sir", but is not a member of the nobility and cannot sit in the House of Lords.

  10. When Lord Byron was 21 he took his seat in The House of Lords.

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British peers lose their right to vote for their Member of Parliament in the House of Commons when they are appointed to the House of Lords

Lord Darrell Duppa named and co founded what is now Phoenix Arizona. His house (First House in Phoenix) still stands to this day - source

19th century Chinese female pirate lord Ching Shih got amnesty, retired with all her loot and opened a gambling house. - source

The Sutyagin House in Arkhangelsk Russia, the tallest wooden house in the world at 13 stories, until the crime lord who built it was imprisoned and it deteriorated, finally condemned and demolished in 2008

26 Bishops from the Church of England automatically enter the House of Lords - source

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26 of England's senior Anglican Bishops are also appointed as "Lords Spiritual" in the House of Lords, where they have the same voting rights and responsibilities as the other Lords

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The U.K. Is Partially Ruled By The Church Of England, With 26 Seats In The House Of Lords Reserved For Bishops

The Battle of Assandun, 1016 : It resulted in the Danish reconquest of England. The House of Denmark would rule for around 30 years, all because of an unreliable lord who withdrew from the English army during the battle.

Lord Nat Wei, youngest member of the House of Lords, Oxford Alum, and first British Born Chinese (BBC) to have a seat in the House of Lords

There is an annual Parliamentary Pancake Race in the UK between the Houses of Lords and Commons

The UK House of Lords has a lord Snape and that he has attracted controversy for alleged bribe taking.

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In 1919, general Dyer ordered to kill crowd of 10,000 unarmed men, women and children gathered to defy ban on public meetings. Later House of Lords praised Dyer and gave him a sword inscribed with the motto “Saviour of the Punjab.” An estimated 379 people were killed.

The House of Lords, the British Parliament's upper house of representatives, has a rifle range in its basement.

George Neville, 1st Duke of Bedford was stripped from his peerage on 1478 because the House of Lords deemed hom too poor to maintain the style of a duke

Westminster Bridge is green because it is next to the House of Commons while Lambeth Bridge is red because it is next to the House of Lords.

The Cragside house was one of the first known homes to have hydro electric power and was occupied by Lord Armstrong, a famous inventor

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There are 92 hereditary peers in the UK's Upper House (the House of Lords). Since 2008, only one of them is female; most hereditary peerages can be inherited only by men.

Lord of the Rings was partially inspired by A Tale of the House of the Wolfings and All the Kindreds of the Mark (and its sequel) by William Morris, published in 1889

Former British PM, Winston Churchill, was once taking a dump in the House of Commons when his secretary knocked on the door and said, "Excuse me, but the Lord Privy Seal wishes to speak to you." To which Churchill replied, "I'm sealed in the privy and can only deal with one shit at a time."

In 1939 the new British Ambassador, Lord Lothian, first official visit to the White House was greeted by a stray black kitten later nicknamed Crisis

The House of Lords cannot veto legislation unless it is an act to extend the term of Parliament

Lord Wei, the first Chinese member of the House of Lords (UK) predicted Trumpism in 2014

When you put a bunch of 12yo boys who don't know each other in a house for a weekend with no rules or supervision, it rapidly turns into the novel "The Lord Of The Flies".

The House of Lords of The United Kingdom was, until 2009, The Supreme Court/Court of last resort

Christopher Guest is a British peer and sat in the House of Lords until 1999.

The guy who made seatbelts compulsory in the UK is now the speaker of the House of Lords.

The Lord Privy Seal, a British political position. Although often given to important Cabinet members, the job has no formal responsibilities and does not appoint the appointee to the House of Lords. One officeholder said that he was "neither a Lord, nor a Privy, nor a Seal".

Lord Sewel, who has resigned from UK house of Lords over drug & prostitute scandal, has the middle name "Buttifant".

Tonga basically has a House of Lords, with hereditary peers and life peers

Andrew Lloyd Webber's last name is Lloyd Webber. He is a knight as well as a member of the House of Lords, and he founded a production company called the Really Useful Group.

About Stella: a Victorian-era drag queen, gay sex worker, Broadway star, and "wife" of a Tory MP in the House of Lords

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