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Republicans are called the right, and Democrats are called the left, because of seating arrangements of various legislative parties in France in the late 1700’s. Supporters of the king sat on the right of the Speaker, and supporters of the revolution on the left.

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The League of Women Voters used to run presidential debates that gave every nominee a equal amount of time to speak, Republicans and Democrats joined together to make the Commission for Presidential Debates, making it harder for third parties to be fairly represented

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  1. When President Harry S. Truman visited Disneyland in 1957, he refused to come aboard the popular Dumbo attraction. Truman, a Democrat, didn’t want to be seen riding in the symbol of the Republican Party.

  2. Andrew Jackson's political opponents referred to him as jackass. He adopted the name and used it as his campaign symbol. It would eventually become the symbol of the entire Democratic Party

  3. In 2000 Rage Against the Machine performed a free concert outside the Democratic Convention in protest of the two party system. It was controversially dispersed with rubber bullets and tear gas.

  4. Abraham Lincoln, who ran as a Republican during the era of Whigs and Democrats, was America’s last third-party candidate to successfully win the presidency.

  5. Ronald Reagan, idolized by the Republican party, was actually a Democrat until he was 52 years old (1962)

  6. In the 2nd U.S. Presidential election, both major parties, the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans, nominated George Washington as their candidate.

  7. Andrew jackson's opponents called him a jackass, so he adopted the name and used it as his own campaign symbol. It eventually became the symbol for the entire democratic party.

  8. The last US President elected from outside the Republican and Democratic parties was technically Abraham Lincoln who ran under the National Union name

  9. The organization that runs U.S . presidential debates is independent of the government and owned by the Republican and Democratic Parties. It has been criticized for negotiating secret contracts between candidates, excluding third parties, and "perpetrating a fraud on the American voter."

  10. Andrew Jackson chose a donkey as the Democratic Party's mascot because his political enemies called him a jackass.

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democratic party fact data chart about Pairwise Plots of Total, Democratic and Republican Party Cos
Pairwise Plots of Total, Democratic and Republican Party Cosponsors for 1,965 Senate Bills Introduced Between Jan 7, 2003 - Feb 14, 2019 - Data was obtained using Propublica Congre

democratic party fact data chart about Division of Democrat and Republican Party members over time
Division of Democrat and Republican Party members over time (1949 to 2011)

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14th US President Franklin Pierce, When the Democratic party decided not to re-nominate Pierce after his first term in office, he told reporters, "There's nothing left but to get drunk."

The Democratic party got it's donkey symbol because Andrew Jackson's opponents called him a jackass. Which amused him to the point of making the donkey his party's symbol. - source

After the War of 1812, America went through the "Era of Good Feelings". During this period America experienced national unity and had only one political party, the Democratic-Republicans. - source

When Andrew Jackson was the first candidate to run for president in the Democratic party, his opponents called him "Jackass". He liked this name and used a jackass as a symbol for the democratic party

When President Harry S Truman visited Disneyland in 1957, he refused to come aboard the popular Dumbo attraction. Truman, a Democrat, didn't want to be seen riding in the symbol of the Republican Party. - source

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Once a year since 1909, congress plays a baseball games on party lines. Some have hit homeruns out of MLB regulation parks in their 70's. Wins: Democrats 39, Republicans 41, Ties: 1

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Astrid Lindgren, the author of Pippi Longstocking, at one point paid a marginal tax rate of 102%. She nevertheless supported the Social Democratic Party responsible for the tax rate her whole life.

San Marino was the first country ever to democratically elect a communist party to power

The only reason Hunter S. Thompson lost the election for sheriff of Pitkin County, Colorado was because the Republican and Democratic parties conspired together to maintain their oligopoly on government.

There is a man named "Vermin Love Supreme" who is currently a Democratic Party candidate for President. He is "known for his boot hat," and - if elected president - promises a free pony to every American, and to make brushing teeth mandatory.

In 2016 Bernie Sanders entered the election race to become the next U.S. President, after announcing his campaign for the Democratic Party nomination.

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democratic party fact infographic about By far, Joe Biden remains the No. 1 choice for black and His

By far, Joe Biden remains the No. 1 choice for black and Hispanic Democrats for the party's 2020 presidential primary. But many nonwhite Dem-leaning voters also are considering Ber

democratic party fact infographic about Venn diagram of democratic party candidates experience (base

Venn diagram of democratic party candidates experience (based on Wikipedia's 2020 dem party primaries page)

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He served in Parliament as a member of the Constitutional Democratic Party.

The Liberal Democrat Party in the UK lost a parliamentary seat in 1994 because someone else stood for the seat under the name "Literal Democrat", causing enough people to vote for him in error to cause the Liberal Democrats to lose the seat

One of the few controversial moments that Rosalynn was involved in was when she was photographed with Illinois serial killer John Wayne Gacy in 1975 at a Illinois Democrat Party gathering.

It was only after the 2000 election that the colors red and blue became associated with the Republican and Democratic parties, respectively.

After reconstruction ended in 1876, Hampton won the Democratic nomination for governor. Due to the activities of the Red Shirts and "rifle clubs," it then became a one party state. Hampton was the governor from 1876-1879.

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As with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the opposition in the House and Senate was more along geographic than party lines with both Republican and Democrat southern congressmen opposing the bill.

Perhaps in a foreshadowing of the current American political landscape, opinions were divided on Clinton and the scandal. Although people affiliated with both major political parties were generally against the affair morally, Democrats were much more forgiving and didn"t think that it warranted impeachment. A majority of Independents agreed, making the impeachment process generally unfavorable among most Americans.

Johnson began his political career in the Tennessee state legislature and although not initially a member of a party, he eventually became an ardent Jacksonian Democrat.

The US Presidential debates used to be formed by the independent League of Women Voters, but in 1988 they stopped because both political parties wanted to make them "campaign-trail charades devoid of substance." From then on, the Democrat and Republican parties have run the Debate Commission.

At the 1972 Democratic Convention, the delegates were so fed up with party infighting, that many voted for joke candidates for Vice President, including Mao Zedong, and Archie Bunker.

Hamer and other Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party members traveled to the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey, but were denied delegate seats by the party's bosses.

Shirley Chisholm was both the first African-American woman elected to Congress AND the first woman to run for president in the Democratic Party

In the 1946 Californian gubernatorial election, incumbent governor Earl Warren was nominated as the candidate of the Republican, Democratic, and Progressive parties. He was reelected with 91.64% of the vote.

After Democrats and Republicans, the longest continually active political party in the United States is the Prohibition Party, which was founded in 1869 and has run a candidate for president in every election cycle since.

Third party candidates must get approval by the Commission on Presidential Debates, which was created and controlled by both the Democratic and Republican party.

For most of the world, Red is the color of socialism or communism, while in the US it represents the Republicans, the conservative party. Similarly, blue typically means conservative, but in the US, it represents Democrats, the left-wing party.

When Wayne Gretsky was traded from Edmonton to Los Angelos, It upset Canadians so much that New Democratic Party House Leader, Nelson Riis, demanded that the government block the trade and Edmonton's owner, Peter Pocklington, was burned in effigy outside the Northlands Coliseum.

The Democrat Party's motto for the presidential election of 1868 was “This is a white man’s country: Let white men rule”

Since he was a Democrat, a southerner, and favored lenient Reconstruction, Johnson immediately found himself at odds with the "Radical" faction of the Republican Party.

U.S. Congressman H. R. Gross (R-IA) voted so consistently against both Democratic- and GOP-favored legislation that House Minority Leader Gerald Ford remarked "there are three parties in the House: Democrats, Republicans, and H.R. Gross."

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