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The disappearance of Gary Mathias, who after attending a college basketball game w/ 4 friends, was never seen again. His 4 friends were found decaying in/around a remote cabin 20mi. away from their car having died from starvation&hypothermia, despite an ample supply of food/heating materials.

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Michael Jordan forced Chicago Bulls GM Jerry Krause to sign a clause titled the "love of the game clause" that allowed him to play basketball whenever and wherever he wanted, whether it be a pickup game at the park or a scrimmage with college kids.

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  1. Former college basketball coach George Raveling has the original, typewritten "I have a dream" speech delivered by Martin Luther King, Jr. Raveling was a volunteer security guard at the event and King handed it to him after he finished addressing the audience. It is valued at over $3,000,000.

  2. When Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors & former teammate of Michael Jordan, was in college his dad was assassinated by extremists in Beirut. During a subsequent basketball game opposing fans chanted "your father’s history" while a teary eyed Kerr scored 20 points in the first half.

  3. A Brazilian Basketball Player Named "Guy Fuck" Was Not Given Permission To Use His Real Last Name While Playing in College

  4. Chadwick Boseman was good enough at high school basketball to be a college recruit. When his high school teammate was shot and killed, he coped by writing a play in response, held at school. He realized he liked telling stories. "I just had a feeling that this was something that was calling me."

  5. The disappearance of Gary Mathias, who after attending a college basketball game w/ 4 friends, was never seen again. His 4 friends were found decaying in/around a remote cabin 20mi. away from their car having died from starvation&hypothermia, despite an ample supply of food/heating materials.

  6. John Heisman (the college football trophy's namesake) coached football, basketball and baseball in the same calendar year at Georgia Tech for several seasons.

  7. The American Dad episode "The Vacation Goo" was delayed because the college basketball team Stan rooted for had to be changed from Virginia Tech to Georgetown after the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting.

  8. In college basketball, you can't have a jersey with the numbers 6, 7, 8 or 9 in them.

  9. He was a gifted athlete who played baseball, football, basketball and ran track in both high school and college and led The University of Chicago to its first basketball conference title in 1907.

  10. The highest Nielsen rating for any basketball game in the US, college or pro, is still the 1979 NCAA Championship between Michigan State (with Magic Johnson) and Indiana State (with Larry Bird)

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Every Game of the 2018 College Basketball Season by Winning & Losing Scores

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In 1991, Sean Puffy Combs promoted an AIDS fundraiser with Heavy D held at the City College of New York (CCNY) gymnasium, following a charity basketball game. The event was oversold, and a stampede occurred in which nine people died.

The highest scoring college basketball game in NCAA history took place in 1992 and saw Troy State defeat DeVry University 258-141. - source

In 39 of 50 states either a college football or basketball coach is the highest paid public employee. - source

Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball, played on the same college basketball team as Kenny Washington, who would later go on to break the color barrier in the NFL.

Jackie Robinson excelled at several sports in high school and in college, including baseball, football, basketball and track.

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College Basketball Players Are Prohibited From Wearing The Numbers 6, 7, 8, or 9 So That A Referee Can Easily Signal To The Scorer's Table The Player Who Committed a Foul.

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In 1967, The NCAA Banned Dunking From College Basketball

Kayla Hutchinson, a college student who lost her entire memory after a basketball injury. Doctor’s studied her and found that she had a concussion, but no signs of bleeding or swelling in her brain. Her friends helped her slowly readjust to college.

Bob Griese was a triple sport athlete in college. He pitched for the baseball team, going 12-1 one season, played guard on the basketball team, and played quarterback, kicker, and punter for the Purdue football team. There were many games where Griese scored every one of Purdue's points.

The Caltech Beavers basketball team had a run of 310 consecutive confrence losses, the longest confrence loosing streak in history. After over 26 years, the streak was finally broken in 2011 when they beat Occidental College 46-45.

The oldest college basketball player was Ken Mink who played in 7 games and scored 4 points at 73 years old

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In the entire history of basketball, no college or pro player has ever recorded a quintuple-double (double digit points, assists, rebounds, steals, and blocks) in a game (although two high school girls basketball players have accomplished this feat)

Dennis Rodman grew 10inches in college and didn’t play basketball before then.

After the movie "Hoosiers" came out in 1986, the NCAA fined, suspended, and declared actors ineligible to play for their College teams. The NCAA determined that actors received payment for "playing basketball".

In 1984 despite not playing football or basketball in college, Carl Lewis was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bulls.

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While actively a member of his college's basketball team, Stephen A. Smith wrote an article suggesting the school's long-time, Hall of Fame basketball coach should retire.

College basketball does not allow jersey numbers ending in 6, 7, 8 or 9

In 1983 The University of Kentucky men's basketball team beat the University of Cincinnati's team 24 to 11 leading the way for the college shot clock.

That, the meme for "National Short Girl Appreciation Day" that you always see on Facebook is taken from the poster for the movie Tall Story (1960). A movie about a tall girl who chooses her college because it has a basketball team and she wants a tall boy to match her height.

the first woman drafted by the NBA was before Title IX, women's college basketball and the WNBA existed.

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The Presbyterian Women's College Basketball team are called the Blue Hose.

The Chicago Bulls drafted Carl Lewis in the 1984 NBA Draft as the 208th overall pick, although he had played neither high school nor college basketball.

The highest scoring game and the second highest scoring game in college basketball history were between the same two basketball powerhouses: DeVry State and Troy University

Hank Gathers died on the basketball court. He averaged nearly 33 points and 14 rebounds as a Junior. His teammate Bo Kimble shot his first free-throw of every game (college and pro) to honor his fallen teammate. He was a projected lottery pick.

in my lifetime, I’ve never seen a college basketball jersey with the numbers 6,7,8 or 9 on them.

There is no shot clock in women's college basketball.

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