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About John Scott, a pro hockey player who got voted by the people (as a joke) to be the captain of the All Star team. The NHL didn't want him to play, so he got sent to the Minor Leagues. There wasn't a rule against a minor leaguer playing in it though, so he played, scored twice and won MVP.

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Wayne Gretzky was so dominant in Fantasy Hockey, that many leagues split his stats into two players: Gretzky (Goals) and Gretzky (Assists)

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  1. The NHL was started because five of the six team owners in the National Hockey Association didn’t like the sixth guy and wanted to start a league without him.

  2. The "National" of the National Hockey League, refers to the nation of Canada, not the U.S

  3. In preparing for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, the Canadian women's hockey team (who are the best women's hockey team in the world) practiced in the Alberta AAA Midget league (15-16 year old boys). They finished dead last.

  4. In the 1950s the Montreal Canadiens were so keen to add a young hockey player named Jean Béliveau to their roster that they bought the entire league he was playing in. He went on to win 10 Stanley Cups while playing with Montreal.

  5. The South African Women's Field Hockey team successfully qualified for the 2016 Games by winning the African Championships but were forbidden from attending by their own country's Olympic Committee, arguing the team did not rank in the Top 6 of the World League and thus did not deserve to attend

  6. The team to win the most Stanley Cups in the league's history is the Montreal Canadiens.

  7. Viacheslav Fetisov was the first Soviet hockey player to be allowed to play in the National Hockey League. Before Fetisov, Russian players had defected, but thanks to Glasnost and Fetisov's efforts, he and seven other Soviet citizens were given visas that allowed them to work in the United States and Canada but remain in good standing with the Soviet Union.

  8. The Danbury Trashers, a minor league hockey team bought by a waste disposal magnate with mob ties. His 17 year old son was team president and GM and the team set records for penalty minutes and averaged 3 fights a game.

  9. Two Norwegian hockey teams broke the record for the longest professional hockey match, playing 8 rounds of overtime in the play-offs of the Norwegian hockey league. The game lasted an exhausting eight hours.

  10. The NHL (National Hockey League) was established in 1917.

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Jay Beagle is the only player to win championships in three major hockey leagues: the NHL, the AHL, and the ECHL.

A disproportionate number of elite Canadian hockey players are born in the early months of the calendar year. More physically mature children born early in the year play in leagues vs. kids born late in the year & are often selected as better athletes, leading to coaching for the major leagues. - source

The KHL - Russia's pro hockey league where players are paid with envelopes of cash, pay their way out of hitting pedestrians and fly in planes that don't even have seats - source

Fighting in ice hockey is largely limited to the NHL and lower North American pro leagues. It's prohibited in American collegiate hockey and the European leagues

Canada is the world’s leading supplier of National Hockey League players. 43% of all 2018-19 season NHL players were born in Canada. - source

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In the United Kingdom there is a full day of Premier League football (soccer in North America) on Boxing Day. Rugby, hockey and even horseracing are also popular Boxing Day sporting events.

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The Wave was originally inspired by accident in 1980 when Krazy George Henderson was leading cheers at an Edmonton Oilers National Hockey League game.

All NHL players are paid in US dollars, even if they play on teams in Canada. This causes problems when the Canadian dollar (which much of the hockey league's revenue is in) is weak, because it is more expensive for Canadian teams to purchase US dollars to pay players.

The Saginaw Spirit of the OHL Junior Hockey League, in 2006 named one of their mascots in honor Stephen Colbert, Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle.

Before breaking in to the NHL, Tom "Bussey" Martin was traded in 1983 from the Western Hockey League's Seattle Breakers to the Victoria Cougars for a used bus and future considerations.

The origin of ice hockey players raising their sticks after scoring a goal dates back to pre-jumbotron hockey in 1947; the league mandated players do it so that the crowd would know when a goal was scored

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In his prime, there was 2 Wayne Gretzky's available for most fantasy hockey leagues - One for assists and one for goals. Otherwise having him on your team would more or less guarantee you a spot in 1st place.

Black people invented hockey. Black Ice - CHL Colored Hockey League, Nova Scotia

A major team in Russian Hockey With a Ball League scored 11 own goals to attract attention to corruption in a hockey with a ball federation. Overall, all 20 goals of the match were own goals (final score was 9:11).

There was once a minor league hockey team in Georgia called the "Macon Whoopee."

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The character of Ogie Oglethorpe from the movie 'Slap Shot' was based on the real life minor league hockey goon Bill 'Goldie' Goldthorpe.

Average attendance in Major League Soccer (MLS) exceeds that of the National Hockey League (NHL) and National Basketball Association.

Buffalo Sabres Officially Drafted An Imaginary Japanese Hockey Player In The 1974 NHL Entry Draft In Protest of The Leagues Secrecy Policies

One of the teams in the Canadian Women's Hockey League is the KRS Vanke Rays who play in Shenzhen, China

The American Singer "Five for Fighting" got his name from an ice hockey term that means a five-minute major penalty for participating in a fight. He is a lifelong fan of the National Hockey League's Los Angeles Kings.

In the Swiss National hockey League, the player who garners the most points from each team by seasons end wears a special "Top scorer" jersey for championship matches. Each subsequent point by this player will equal a donation to the club's youth program.

The russian junior hockey league is considering hosting an outdoor game on an aircraft carrier

The 100th anniversary of the Memorial Cup was celebrated by the Canadian Hockey League with a a postage stamp, commemorative coin and a Santa Claus parade.

There is a Women's National Hockey League and one of the teams is called The Connecticut Whale. They could've picked any name, and that's what they came up with.

The Kontinental Hockey League suspended an already in progress game, due to the news of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl air disaster. The two teams later left to attend a nearby church.

There was a minor league Hockey team in Macon, GA from '96-'01. The team was known as the 'Whoopee'.

Before Slap Shot started filming, Paul Newman went to one of the player-actor's houses to see how minor league hockey players lived. He grabbed a beer, sat down, and started watching TV.

There was a minor league hockey teamed called the Macon Whoopee.

Winnipeg has a program which brings Police Officers to minor league hockey games to assist in stopping violent incidents

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