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An NCAA football coach was fired after a co worker found porngraphic videos of children on his cell phone. He fought the charges vigorously after being charged with 2 felonies. He was finally reinstated after 18 months after it was revealed it was his kids taking a bath.

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NFL defensive tackle Amobi Okoye is the youngest player ever to play in the NFL. After testing into 9th grade at 12 and graduating at 16, he chose to play NCAA football at Louisville (though he was accepted to Harvard) before graduating early and being drafted by the Texans at the age of 19.

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  1. The term "student-athlete" was crafted by the NCAA in order to avoid paying workers' comp after a football player died from a head injury.

  2. A NCAA football coach was fired after a co-worker found pornographic videos of children on his cell phone. He fought the charges vigorously after being charged with 2 felonies. He was finally reinstated after 18 months after it was revealed it was his kids taking a bath.

  3. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson won a NCAA football championship with the University of Miami in 1991.

  4. NCAA College footballs have white stripes on each end of the ball, but NFL footballs are uniform leather.

  5. The last pick in the NFL draft gets a "The Lowsman Trophy" (a mimic of the decorated NCAA "The Heisman Trophy") which depicts a player fumbling a football.

  6. The Carlisle Indians who pioneered many trick plays still used in football. They were so successful that the NCAA spent off-seasons creating rules to prevent their trickery. Famous names associated with the team include Jim Thorpe & Pop Warner.

  7. Michigan is the only school with NCAA championships in Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey.

  8. In the NCAA, there are only six sports where all the scholarships are full ride. These so-called head-count sports are football, men and women's basketball, and women's gymnastics, volleyball, and tennis.

  9. The first NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament was Oregon v Ohio State in 1939. The first NCAA Football Playoff Championship was Oregon v Ohio State in 2016.

  10. The NCAA came into existence as a result of a meeting in 1906 when President Theodore Roosevelt urged colleges to discuss safety regulations following multiple deaths from the violent brand of football at the time.

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The two schools with the most NCAA football championships are....Yale and Princeton

After the Marshall University plane crash in 1970 which killed a majority of the varsity football team, the NCAA made an exception to allow Marshall's freshman to play so Marshall could continue their football program. Prior to this, freshman were not allowed to compete in varsity sports. - source

Minnesota vs. Wisconsin is the most-played rivalry in NCAA Division I Football. Having met every year since first playing in 1890 (except 1906), the series vying Paul Bunyan’s Axe is tied after 128 games at 60–60–8. - source

EA Sports wanted to pay college football players, but the NCAA wouldn't allow it

The Ivy Group started in 1945 so schools could schedule football and became The Ivy League in 1952 with the advent of the NCAA - source

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After several deaths in college football,Teddy Roosevelt helped save the sport by starting a reform that ultimately led to the creation of the NCAA

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Only two one-point safeties have ever happened in NCAA football history, and the same sportscaster called them both.

The college football championship playoffs are not recognized by the NCAA, and that the winner is not awarded an official NCAA national championship

The brutal history of the football facemask. Gotta see this must-see video to believe it. NCAA star Johnny Bright endured a lot to secure the safety of generations of future athletes

A year prior to the tragic plane crash that killed Marshall University football team in 1970, the University had been expelled from the MAC and was on suspension by the NCAA for over 100 recruiting violations

The NCAA was formed due to a 1905 meeting of schools that was called by President Roosevelt in order to make the new sport "football" safer--19 players had died that year, and Roosevelt had threatened to abolish the sport if ruled weren't changed

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Many big-time NCAA football and basketball programs require 'donations' in order to buy season tickets. Those fees are tax-deductible.

Teddy Roosevelt helped make the forward pass legal in American Football. In a meeting of more than 60 schools in late 1905. This meeting was the first step toward the establishment of what would become the NCAA and was followed by several sessions to work out "the new rules."

The average NCAA football coach has received a 70% increase in salary since 2006.

The first NCAA basketball (1939) and football (2015) championship games featured the same two schools: Ohio State and Oregon

North Dakota State University has the most successful college football program of the decade at any level. The FCS school has only had 3 losing seasons since 1964, and are the four-time defending NCAA Division I-FCS National Champions (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

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It's possible in NCAA football to score a "one point safety"

The final two teams in the first NCAA Basketball tournament (in 1939) are the same two teams in the finals of the first NCAA football tournament. Oregon and Ohio State. (Oregon won 46-33)

In NCAA football, a team can end a game with one point

Former US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice helps decide what NCAA football teams make the College Football Playoffs.

There is such a thing as a "1-Point Safety" in American Football, that it occurs against the DEFENSE, and that it has only occured twice in NCAA history (never in the NFL) - explanation in comments.

There have been two Conversion safeties (one-point safties) in NCAA football. Play-by-play commentator, Brad Nessler, called both games.

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