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About John Scott, a pro hockey player who got voted by the people (as a joke) to be the captain of the All Star team. The NHL didn't want him to play, so he got sent to the Minor Leagues. There wasn't a rule against a minor leaguer playing in it though, so he played, scored twice and won MVP.

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The NHL uses frozen hockey pucks for all its games so the pucks aren’t too bouncy, and the pucks, which are replaced before every period, are kept in a freezer in the penalty box.

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  1. Hockey goalie Clint Malarchuks throat got slashed by skate during a live NHL game, the injury was so bad that 11 fans fainted, 2 got heart attack and at least 3 players vomited on the ice. The wound was so bad that it needed 300 stiches. Clint was back on ice just a week later.

  2. The NHL was started because five of the six team owners in the National Hockey Association didn’t like the sixth guy and wanted to start a league without him.

  3. Brian Spencer, a former NHL hockey player who's father, upon hearing his son was starting in his first game, held a Canadian TV station hostage and forced them to broadcast it, before being shot and killed. After his career, Brian too was shot & killed during a robbery after buying crack.

  4. Wayne Gretzky, despite not having played hockey since 1999, still holds or shares 61 NHL records.

  5. Maurice Richard, hockey legend, spent a whole day moving his family (piano included) before scoring 8 points (5 goals, 3 assits), setting an NHL record.

  6. Manon Rheaume was the first woman to play in the NHL. She was the goalie for Tampa Bay Lightning.

  7. Hall of fame hockey player, Gordie Howe, originally retired from the NHL in 1971. He unretired two years later, in 1973 when he was in his mid-40s, because he wanted to play with his sons, Mark and Marty. He played for 7 more seasons before retiring at 52.

  8. The first NHL million dollar contract went to Bobby Orr in 1971. It was a $200,000, five year term contract.

  9. The greatest player of all time, Wayne Gretzky, has 61 NHL records. Nobody else comes close to this many records.

  10. Had it not been for hockey and the NHL, none of us would be using MP3s today. The NHL was the first major customer of MP3 technology, saving the team that developed it from being shut down

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The Montreal Canadiens are the longest continuously operating professional ice hockey team and the only existing NHL club to predate the founding of the NHL

The Boston Bruins were the first ice hockey team (NHL) to pull the goalie for an extra attacker. - source

NHL '94 was developed in a barn by a man who had never seen a hockey game. - source

The NHL (National Hockey League) was established in 1917.

Jay Beagle is the only player to win championships in three major hockey leagues: the NHL, the AHL, and the ECHL. - source

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Matthews Arena, the original home of the NHL's Boston Bruins, is the oldest multi-purpose athletic building still in use in the world, and is the only arena for one of the NHL's Original Six still used for hockey.

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Roger Nielson, a hockey coach whose repeated exploitation of loopholes in the NHL rulebook forced the NHL to make multiple new rules.

Instant replay was invented in 1955 during an NHL broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada.

For decades Russian circuses have been training bears to play hockey. One NHL player was wires saying the bear “Passes and skates pretty well, but he looks a little out of shape,”

Hockey players in the NHL skate in excess of 20MPH with Brett Hull being timed at 29MPH

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Fighting in ice hockey is largely limited to the NHL and lower North American pro leagues. It's prohibited in American collegiate hockey and the European leagues

Canada is the world’s leading supplier of National Hockey League players. 43% of all 2018-19 season NHL players were born in Canada.

The slapshot was invented in Nova Scotia by a black hockey player, Eddie Martin, in 1906 (11 years before the NHL was inaugurated)

Willie O'Ree became the first black hockey player in the NHL on January 18, 1958

All NHL players are paid in US dollars, even if they play on teams in Canada. This causes problems when the Canadian dollar (which much of the hockey league's revenue is in) is weak, because it is more expensive for Canadian teams to purchase US dollars to pay players.

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Hockey goalie Glenn Hall, who set a NHL record by playing 502 consecutive games over 8 seasons. At no point during that streak did he wear a mask.

Seabass (Cam Neely) from Dumb and Dumber is the President of the Boston Bruins NHL hockey team!

Rob Zombie is making a movie about the Broad Street Bullies, referring to the 1970's NHL hockey team the Philadelphia Flyers.

Before breaking in to the NHL, Tom "Bussey" Martin was traded in 1983 from the Western Hockey League's Seattle Breakers to the Victoria Cougars for a used bus and future considerations.

There is a NHL hockey player named Jordin Tootoo that is number 22. He also has a birthday on, you guessed it, 2/2.

A 2003 New York Islanders NHL hockey "come dressed as Santa" promotion devolved into a six minute on-ice brawl after two of the santas opened their shirts to reveal Rangers jerseys (which Islanders fans, er, forcibly removed).

An NHL hockey puck has eight less ingredients than McDonalds French Fries (11 vs 19)

Professional Women's Hockey Players earn less than $10,000 per season. (The average NHL player earns $2.4 million per season)

Average attendance in Major League Soccer (MLS) exceeds that of the National Hockey League (NHL) and National Basketball Association.

The NHL’s hockey team, the Vegas Golden Knights have made the post season in every single season in franchise history.

Buffalo Sabres Officially Drafted An Imaginary Japanese Hockey Player In The 1974 NHL Entry Draft In Protest of The Leagues Secrecy Policies

The father of WWE's Chris Jericho, Ted Irvine, was a pro hockey player that played in the NHL from 1963-1977.

In 1996 the Florida Panthers NHL Hockey team would get thousands of real and fake rats thrown onto the ice every time they scored a goal. This trend grew and grew (out of superstition) with the Panthers continued success to the championship final that year.

Before the 1929/1930 NHL season, players were not allowed to pass the puck forward in the offensive zone. The rule change that allowed them to led to "cherry picking" and the introduction of the modern hockey offside rule, mid-season.

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