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Cal Ripken's brother Billy wrote F*ck Face on the bottom of his bat for his rookie card.

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The longest professional baseball game lasted 33 innings - the Pawtucket Red Sox defeated the Rochester Red Wings 3-2 in April 1981. Notable players from this game - Wade Boggs, Cal Ripken Jr and Marty Barrett

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  1. For 20 years, a famously well-endowed stripper nicknamed "Morganna, the Kissing Bandit" rushed onto the field during MLB baseball games, wildly kissing players. Altogether, she kissed 37 Major League baseball players, from Cal Ripken Jr. to Nolan Ryan to Pete Rose, and was arrested 20 times.

  2. About pitcher Steve Dalkowski. Ted Williams and Umpire Doug Harvey said nobody threw harder. His catcher Cal Ripken Sr. guessed 110 MPH. He never made majors. Averaged 12.6 SO per 9 innings in Minors.

  3. The longest professional baseball game in history was 33 innings long and featured future Hall of Famers Cal Ripken Jr. and Wade Boggs.

  4. Two separate people with no apparent affiliation tried to kidnap Cal Ripken's mother at gunpoint 15 months apart. The first kidnapper—who held her captive for 24 hours—has never been caught.

  5. Wade Boggs and Cal Ripken played on opposing AAA teams in the longest ever professional baseball game (33 innings).

  6. The board of directors for Zenimax, the parent company of Fallout and Elder Scrolls developer Bethesda, includes Jerry Bruckheimer and Cal Ripken Jr.

  7. A Major League Baseball player (and the brother of Cal Ripken Jr.) was pranked by teammates to pose for his baseball card photo with a bat that had the phrase 'Fuck Face' written boldly on the bat's handle. The card was printed and later revised, with the original being a collector's item.

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