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Musician James Booker was frequently arrested on drug charges. Over time, District Attorney Harry Connick began nullifying Booker's prison sentences in exchange for piano lessons for Connick's son, Harry Connick Jr.

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John Thompson sued and won against Harry Connick Sr's DA office after spending 18 years behind bars (14 of which he spent in solitary confinement on death row) for being wrongfully convicted of murder by Connick's DA office due to evidence withholding

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  1. In 2009, Harry Connick Jr. was a guest on an Australian talent show where a blackface skit received roaring approval from the crowd. Shocked, he gave the act a 0 and later said had he known about the skit in advance, he wouldn't have been on the show.

  2. Will Smith's wingman in Independence Day (Jimmy) was almost played by Matthew Perry (Chandler from Friends). The part later went to Harry Connick Jr.

  3. Harry Connick Sr. nullified a prison sentence for musician James Booker in exchange for piano lessons for his son, Harry Connick Jr.

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