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In the 1995 forrest gump book sequel called "gump and co", forrest becomes bankrupt because of bubba gump shrimp, plays football for the new orleans saints, invents "new coke", performs bible story reenactments with john hinkley jr. in Iran, and causes the destruction of the berlin wall.

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John Hinkley Jr. used bullets containing small aluminum and lead azide explosive charges when he shot President Reagan and several other people. When authorities discovered this, doctors removed these bullets from the victims while wearing bullet proof vests.

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  1. The main character in TV series The Greatest American Hero was Ralph Hinkley but after John Hinkley Jr's attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan, Hinkley was overdubbed with 'Hanley' in two completed episodes, and the rest of the season used Ralph or 'Mr H'. Season 2 reinstated use of Hinkley

  2. The first episode of The Greatest American Hero had a plotline where the hero, Ralph Hinkley, tried to prevent the assassination of the US President. 12 days after it aired, John Hinckley tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan.

  3. After John Hinckley Jr. attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan, the main character of the TV show "The Greatest American Hero" had to be renamed from "Ralph Hinkley" to "Ralph Hanley."

  4. Ronald Reagan's would-be assassin, John Hinkley Jr., was released from institutional psychiatric care just over three weeks ago.

  5. John Hinkley Jr. (who attempted murder of Ronald Reagan) and Ted Bundy exchanged letters in 1986 while Bundy was on death row

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