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Dr Thomas Midgley. He is responsible for adding lead to fuel and for the creation of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) used in refrigerators. He is credited for doing more damage to the atmosphere than any other living organism ever.

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The inventor of leaded gasoline also invented Freon. Thomas Midgley, Jr. possessed "an instinct for the regrettable that was almost uncanny." and "had more impact on the atmosphere than any other single organism in Earth's history."

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  1. General Motors chemist Thomas Midgley Jr. invented both chlorofluorocarbons and leaded gasoline, having "more impact on the atmosphere than any other single organism in Earth's history."

  2. The inventor and promoter of leaded petrol, Thomas Midgley Jr, went on to also invent Freon - the first chloroflurocarbon. His last invention, a pully system to help him get out of bed while suffering polio, tangled up one day and strangled him.

  3. Thomas Midgley Jr, inventor of CFC and leaded gasoline, who is regarded as having the greatest impact on the atmosphere of any single organism in history also accidentally strangled himself to death with his final invention.

  4. Thomas Midgley who invented Ethyl, the lead-based additive to gasoline, also invented chlorofluorocarbons, which just about destroyed the ozone layer. He got polio, invented a wire-and-pulley system to get himself out of bed, and then ended up being strangled by it.

  5. The State of New Jersey ordered the Ethyl Gasoline Corporation plant closed.

  6. Charles Kettering, vice president of research for General Motors, assembled a team to study the problem.

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In 1937 Midgley received the Perkin Medal from The Society of Chemical Industry.

In 1941 he received the Priestley Medal from the American Chemical Society.

Thomas Midgley Jr. of General Motors introduced lead to gasoline. He reportedly said, "Can you imagine how much money we're going to make with this?" while recovering from lead poisoning after demonstrating it was totally safe by inhaling leaded gas for 60 seconds - source

Thomas Midgley was born in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania but grew up in Columbus, Ohio.

In 1911 he earned a degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University.

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In April 1923 General Motors created the General Motors Chemical Company to supervise the production of TEL.

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In the 1920s refrigeration systems relied on ammonia, chloromethane, propane and sulfur dioxide but these were all either toxic or explosive or flammable.

Over the course of the eight year project, eight workers died of lead poisoning.

He died of strangulation when he became tangled in the ropes of the device he invented to help him get out of bed.

Within the first two months of its operation the new plant had five new deaths and cases of hallucinations and insanity brought about by exposure to lead.

In 1922 Midgley was awarded the Nichols Medal from the American Chemical Society for TEL.

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While there he discovered that adding tetraethyl lead to gasoline preventing "knocking," or pre-ignition, in internal combustion engines.

The Frigidaire division of General Motors wanted an alternative refrigerant.

In October 1924 Midgley claimed in a press conference that TEL was safe and even poured it over his hands and inhaled its vapors as a demonstration.

He contracted polio in 1942, which left him severely disabled.

In 1923 Midgley took a prolonged vacation stating, "After a year's work in organic lead I find that my lungs have been affected and that it is necessary to drop all work and get a large supply of fresh air."

A few months after the press conference, Midgley went to Europe for treatment for lead poisoning.

One person is responsible for banned leaded gasoline, banned CFCs, and banned spitballs - Thomas Midgley, Jr

Perhaps two of the most destructive chemical agents of the twentieth century, tetraethyl lead and chlorofluorocarbon, were invented by one man, Thomas Midgley. He has been said to have "had more impact on the atmosphere than any other single organism in Earth's history."

They eventually synthesized Freon which they thought would be too stable to be toxic.

The automobile industry promoted TEL fuels as superior because it greatly increased their profits.

He was awarded the Willard Gibbs Award in 1942.

Thomas Midgley Jr, the scientist who both introduced the use of lead in gasoline and CFCs in refrigeration systems, died when he entangled himself in an elaborate system of pulleys and ropes he designed to help others lift him from bed after he contracted polio.

The substance was named "ethyl" by General Motors and all mention of lead was omitted.

Thomas Midgley Jr, the inventor of leaded gasoline, attempt to prove that it wasn’t so bad by washed his hands in the gasoline mixture and inhaled the fumes for 60 seconds. Midgley sought treatment for lead poisoning after the demonstration.

In 1924 General Motors partnered with Standard Oil to create the Ethyl Gasoline Corporation for producing and marketing TEL.

In 1916 he began working for General Motors at its Dayton Research Laboratory.

Thomas Midgley, the man who invented both leaded gasoline and CFCs, accidentally strangled himself to death with the mechanism he had built to help others get him out of bed for he had become severely disabled from polio.

The inventor and one of the chief advocates for the use of leaded gasoline, Thomas Midgley, himself had to take an extended leave to receive treatment for lead poisoning in 1923

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