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Reggie Miller, NBA Hall of Famer, couldn't escape his older sister Cheryl's shadow while in high school. On January 26, 1982, he scored a career high 40 points. He tried bragging about it on the car ride home, only to find out Cheryl scored 105 points and broken 8 national records!

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Basketball Hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon wore off-brand shoes. To combat the robberies and killings for shoes that was common at the time, he even released his own signature shoe with Spalding, for $34.95.

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  1. WWE Hall of Famer "Rowdy" Roddy Piper broke down in Mickey Rourke's arms after watching a screening of The Wrestler, due to the film's accurate portrayal of the lives many older and independent professional wrestlers live.

  2. Charles "Old Hoss" Radbourn, a baseball pitcher and Hall of Famer who, in 1886, became the first person to be captured on camera giving the middle finger

  3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, is an NBA Hall of Famer and 19x NBA All Star. He is also a best selling author, actor, film maker. He was a former U.S. Cultural Ambassador, awarded the Double Helix Medal for his work in cancer research awareness, and also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016.

  4. The Pittsburgh Penguins purposefully finished last in the 1983-84 season to secure the 1984 draft pick of current owner and hall of famer Mario Lemieux

  5. NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley once tried to spit at a fan shouting racial slurs during a game, but his spit accidentally hit the little girl next to him instead. Barkley became friends with the girl and her family and gave them tickets to later games.

  6. Tom Hanks' character in A League of Their Own was based on Hall of Famer Jimmie Foxx. Foxx, one of the greatest power hitters of his day, suffered from injuries and alcoholism and eventually died from choking on dinner.

  7. Baseball Hall of Famer Ty Cobb once jumped into the stands to beat a heckler who had no hands. When onlookers asked for Cobb to stop because of the fan's disability Cobb replied "I don't care if he has no feet," while continuing the assault.

  8. Jerry Rice, a San Francisco Hall of Famer, has caught eight touchdown passes in the Super Bowl. The second highest is three.

  9. As scouts began looking for NFL draftees Joe Montana was not a favorite but he was chosen in 1979 by the 49ers and went on to play in the NFL for 16 seasons and become a Pro Football Hall of Famer.

  10. Jackie attended John Muir High School along with Ted Williams and Bob Lemons, both fellow future Baseball Hall of Famers. In high school all three played on the Pemona Annual Baseball Tournament All-Star Team.

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Future Baseball Hall of Famer Ichiro Suzuki's spray chart

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Baseball Hall of Famer Tim Raines used to slide into base headfirst to protect the cocaine in his hip pocket.

Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield was drafted by four professional teams in three different sports. - source

Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams used his HOF speech to advocate for the inclusion of African-Americans to the HOF and was credited for his role in opening Cooperstown to players of color - source

Henry Orenstein survived five concentration camps partly by pretending to be a scientist, became a toymaker now holding 100 patents, convinced Hasbro to produce the Transformers toyline, and is a Poker Hall of Famer.

SeaBass, from Dumb and Dumber, is NHL Hall of Famer and current President of the Boston Bruins, Cam Neely - source

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Hall of Famer Sam Rice quit baseball for 2 years after his wife, kids, parents and sisters were all killed in a tornado. He finished his career 13 hits short of 3000.

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In an interview at age 26, NBA Hall of Famer Pete Maravich said "I don't want to play 10 years in the NBA and die of a heart attack at age 40." He had a 10 year NBA career and died of a heart attack at age 40.

From 1991 through 1995 Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn struck out 88 times total. To put that into perspective, A Rod struck out more than that in any one year he played a full season. One year, Gwynn struck only 15 times in 577 plate appearances.

In 1973 basketball Hall of Famer Spencer Haywood was approached by Nike early in his career with an enticing offer: Either 100K or 10 % of Nike. He took the 100K. Today, the 10% is worth 12.4 billion.

Baseball Hall of Famer Ricky Henderson once fall asleep with an ice pack on, for an ankle injury, and missed three games with frostbite.

Prior to the 1960s, hockey sticks were straight. Stan Mikita, a Chicago Blackhawks Hall of Famer is credited with introducing the curve to the stick in the 60s.

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Baseball Hall of Famer Steve Carlton ignored the press for so long, that when he and the Minnesota Twins visited the White House after winning the 1987 World Series, a Minnesota newspaper listed him as "an unidentified Secret Service agent" in the team photo with Ronald Reagan.

Former NFL hall of famer Mike Webster bought himself a taser gun, used that on himself to treat his back pain, and would zap himself into unconsciousness just to get some sleep.

NBA Hall of Famer Adrian Dantley now works as a school crossing guard, despite his wealth.

Former NFL player and Hall-of-Famer Alan Page received his Juris Doctor while still playing for the Minnesota Vikings. In 1992, Page was elected to an open seat as an Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, becoming the first African-American to serve on that court.

In 1976 the Nets offered the New York Knicks Julius Erving's contract to cover a $4.8 million dollar debt. The Knicks rejected the offer. Dr. J went on to be an 11x NBA All Star, MVP, and Hall of Famer.

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Baseball Hall-of-Famer Rube Waddell, one of the best pitchers of his era, had such a fascination with firetrucks that he would often leave the mound mid-game to chase after them when they drove by.

That, in 2002, popular NFL Hall of Famer Steve Largent narrowly lost the race for Oklahoma's governorship partially because of his opposition to the legalization of cockfighting.

New Hall of Famer Chipper Jones played so well against the Mets in New York, he named one of his sons Shea after Shea Stadium.

Hockey hall of famer Mario Lemieux had to have other people tie his skates for him.

Cheryl Miller, sister of NBA Hall Of Famer Reggie Miller once scored 105 points in a high school basketball game.

Baseball Hall of Famer Gary Cater, who maintained a squeaky clean image, first coined the term 'F-bomb'

Martial arts hall of famer Matt Fiddes was a former bodyguard of Michael Jackson and he trained the singer to 2nd Dan back belt. Apparently he incorporated the martial arts into his dance moves.

Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield was drafted by 4 teams in 3 Major League Sports coming out of college in 1973 (MLB: Padres, NBA: Hawks, ABA: Stars, NFL: Vikings)

Huey Lewis and the News' 1986 hit "Hip to Be Square" features backing vocals by NFL Hall of Famers Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott.

Country Music Hall of Famer Ronnie Milsap was abandoned by his mother as an infant because she believed his blindness was punishment from God. Told by every teacher growing up to abandon music he went to law school until a meeting and endorsement from Ray Charles changed his mind.

Dallas Cowboys Receiver and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin once stabbed a teammate in the neck with scissors for not getting out of "his" chair.

WWE Hall of Famer The Fabulous Moolah was a glorified pimp and sold women wrestlers into sex trafficking after getting them addicted to drugs. Yet the WWE still holds her in high regard.

Roberto Clemente, Puerto Rican MLB Hall of Famer, died in a plane crash while delivering aid to Earthquake victims. Corrupt officials diverted his previous shipments, so he decided to personally accompany the fourth flight in hopes his presence would ensure they made it to the wounded.

Hall of Famer Tim Raines spent $40,000 on cocaine while playing for 1982 Montreal Expos.

Ted Williams, MLB Hall of Famer, was cryogenically frozen after his death in 2002. His family did this despite his wishes to be cremated, in hopes of "[being] able to be together in the future, even if it is only a chance"

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