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After undefeated boxer Billy Collins, Jr. was beaten so badly during his fight, his curious father insisted on shaking his opponent's hands. He discovered the fighter had removed all his padding, and eventually led to a 2.5 year prison sentence.

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Boxer Billy Collins Jr. His first and final loss was to an opponent with tampered gloves. The match left him with vision loss in one eye, he soon after killed himself.

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  1. In 1983, professional boxer Luis Resto illegally removed the padding in his gloves in a match against the undefeated Billy Collins Jr. Collins was in such bad shape after that he was forced to retire, and committed suicide one year later at the age of 22.

  2. Luis Resto who not only removed the padding from his boxing gloves but put plaster over his hands to win a fight over Billy Collins Jr who later retired after eye injuries from that fight.

  3. A boxer by the name of Billy Collins was beaten by a boxer with plaster in his gloves. He was beaten so bad that his eyes were completely shut. He was told he could never box again and a couple of months later he committed suicide.

  4. Boxer Luis Resto was sentenced to 2 and half years in prison for assault & criminal possession of a weapon after having padding removed from his gloves and soaking his hand wraps in plaster of Paris before a match with Billy Collins Jr.

  5. The Luis Resto vs Billy Collins Jr boxing fight. Prosecutors later concluded that this fight amounted to an illegal "10-round assault" after Resto removed padding from his gloves. Collins suffered for the next year until he killed himself. (Video in Comments)

  6. Boxer Billy Collins, who in 1983 had his undefeated career ended when his opponent, Luis Resto, cheated and removed safety padding from his gloves and tore Collins' Iris in his right eye. Depressed, Collins spiraled into alcoholism and depression leading to his apparent suicide.

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