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After marathoning Breaking Bad, Anthony Hopkins wrote Bryan Cranston a fan letter, saying (among other things) "Your performance as Walter White was the best acting I have seen – ever."

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After marathoning Breaking Bad, Anthony Hopkins wrote Bryan Cranston a fan letter, saying (among other things) "Your performance as Walter White was the best acting I have seen – ever."

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  1. George R. R. Martin, writer of ASOIAF (Game of Thrones) refered to Breaking Bad as ''Amazing'' and noted that "Walter White is a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros", then said it has influenced him to make an even worse character in future books to "fix this".

  2. When attending Comic Con 2013, Bryan Cranston disguised himself by wearing a mask of Walter White over his own face. People told him he sounded like Bryan Cranston, but didn’t realise it was him. The charade only ended when he removed the mask at the Breaking Bad panel.

  3. Actor Sir Anthony Hopkins wrote a letter of praise to Bryan Cranston, telling him that his "performance as Walter White was the best acting I have seen – ever."

  4. Fans of "Breaking Bad" have been attempting to re-enact a scene where Walter White flings a pizza onto the roof of his house. The real-life owner of the house does not appreciate their efforts.

  5. When "Breaking Bad" was proposed to TV networks, 2 TNT executives loved the story pitch about a middle-aged teacher diagnosed with cancer and turning to a life of crime, but feared getting fired from their jobs over the meth storyline and wanted to change Walter White into a counterfeiter.

  6. Vince Gilligan wrote an episode of The X-files featuring Bryan Cranston, which ultimately lead to Cranston being cast as Walter White in Gilligan's "Breaking Bad".

  7. After George R. R. Martin saw the Breaking Bad episode "Ozymandias", he called the show "amazing" and noted that "Walter White is a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros"

  8. Matthew Broderick turned down the role of Walter White from Breaking Bad

  9. The actor who played Bogdan in Breaking Bad (Walter White's car wash boss with the often mocked eyebrows) is actually a very successful scientist. He is currently a senior scientist in positions related to the history of the Manhattan Project.

  10. The airplane crash in Breaking Bad (ABQ) was inspired by a crash from 1986, the real controller's name was Walter White

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Mr Walter Tull. A soldier who was born in 1888 and died in 1918. He was the first ever black officer to lead white British soldiers in battle. He also played soccer for the professional London Club Tottenham Hotspur.

Bryan Cranston said he was inspired partially by his elderly father for how the character of Walter White carries himself physically, which he described as "a little hunched over, never erect, [as if] the weight of the world is on this man's shoulders". - source

In an official alternate ending to Breaking Bad, Walter White wakes up as Hal from Malcolm in the Middle. - source

Fans continue to throw pizzas onto the roof of the house featured in "Breaking Bad" as Walter White's house.

Walter White, a light-skinned black man, disguised himself as a white man to investigate the KKK. - source

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Bryan Cranston based Walter White on his father, who had a slumped posture "like the weight of the world was on his shoulders".

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Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan personally asked fans to stop throwing pizzas onto the roof of Walter White's house

Matthew Broderick and John Cusack both turned down the role of Walter White in Breaking Bad

AMC executives originally offered the role of Breaking Bad's Walter White to John Cusack and Matthew Broderick, who both turned it down.

There was a mid-air collision between two planes over California in 1986. One of the planes was guided by an air traffic controller named Walter White. A similar collision happened in the Breaking Bad episode 'ABQ', for which the main character, Walter White was indirectly responsible.

Bryan Cranston's performance in The X-Files' episode "Drive" caused the writer to cast him as Walter White in his highly-acclaimed AMC series Breaking Bad

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That, after binge-watching Breaking Bad, Sir Anthony Hopkins wrote a letter to Bryan Cranston praising him for his portrayal of Walter White.

In 2008, a real man named Walter White was placed on Alabama's Most Wanted list for making meth.

A young Bryan Cranston (Walter White) encountered Charles Manson whilst riding rented horses with his cousin

Bryan Cranston was not the preferred choice to play Walter White on Breaking Bad. In stead, they asked Matthew Broderick and John Cusack, but both declined.

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The Albuquerque Journal ran an obituary for Walter White

In 2008, a real man called Walter White was among Alabama's Most Wanted list thanks to his thriving meth business.

Stephen W. Doran, a teacher arrested in 2013 for trafficking methamphetamine and money laundering after being diagnosed with cancer and becoming bald from chemotherapy, much like Breaking Bad protagonist Walter White

Walter White was the name of an Air Traffic Controller guiding a plane that was involved in a mid-air collision in 1986

There is a real Walter White, who was the best Meth cook in the USA

A mass meth manufacturer named Walter White actually existed (before Breaking Bad) and was sentenced to twelve years in federal prison.

On a class trip to Washington D.C., Jeffrey Dahmer called the White House and managed to convince officials to allow him and two other students into the vice president’s office. They got to meet Walter Mondale and columnist Art Buchwald.

The air crash in Breaking Bad, and Walter Whites character name was inspired by an accident in 1986 involving Aeromexico flight 498. Walter White was the air traffic controllers name

Walter White fans have been throwing pizzas on the real life home where the famous pizza throwing scene was shot.

Meg White's (Drummer from the White Stripes) Dad is named Walter White Jr.

The Cerritos mid-air collision which occurred on August 31, 1986. An Aeromexico plane and a privately owned Piper PA-28 181 Archer collided while descending into LAX, killing all 67 passengers on both aircraft. The air traffic controller responsible for the collision was named Walter White

Mirroring Breaking Bad, there was quite a few air collision caused by air traffic controller fatigue. In 1986's Cerritos cases, the name of the junior air traffic controller is Walter White.

AMC wanted Matthew Broderick and John Cusack to play Walter White in Breaking Bad, but they refused.

Both John Cusack and Matthew Broderick turned down the offer to play Breaking Bad's Walter White before Vince Gilligan offered the part to Bryan Cranston.

A midair collision between an Aeromexico jetliner and a private plane was partially responsible by an air traffic controller named, Walter White.

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